Just as he's returning to the Spy Kids well once more, Robert Rodriguez can't see why he shouldn't go forth with a sequel or two suggested at the end of his trailer-expanding exploitation romp Machete.

As the film premiered at the Venice Film Festival, the filmmaker/seemingly excellent cook told IGN that "we made the trailer to Machete not knowing that they'll be a movie afterwards and then people came after us and said where is the movie, so if people come after us and say where is Machete Kills Again then we'll know we'll need it."

Machete took in a decent $14 million this weekend (compared to the lackluster $11 million opening of the much costlier Grindhouse in 2007), and I'm not sure that Rodriguez is about to lose star Danny Trejo to any other franchise in the meantime (well, except for the Spy Kids series, where he plays... Machete).
Who knows, maybe with a little luck, he can crank out two more movies that the indignant morality patrol can similarly denounce as "one of the worst movies ever." According to Movieguide, it's pro-Communist, anti-Christian, likely to spawn a real-life revolution and second only to Lars von Trier's Antichrist as a lightning rod for God's wrath (well, Movieguide's anyway). Hey, I guess movies where priests get crucified just aren't for everyone.
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