Welcome back to another exciting episode of This Week's Discs! This week we've got...a smattering of titles to talk about. So let's get right to it.

First up is the CW television series Supernatural. If you're not familiar with the series it would be completely understandable to be a bit skeptical. Pretty boy brothers chase ghosts and goblins on the CW? Doesn't exactly sound like fried gold does it? Well, put those doubting pants away, because it turns out the show is actually pretty good. I've only seen the first few episodes, but I'm already hooked as our own Pete and Jacob Hall (no relation) are as well. This week's sees the release of the show's fifth season on both DVD and Blu-ray. From everything I hear, this show just keeps getting better as it progresses, so jump in now!

Next up is the creature feature Growth. Seems like they've changed the original cover art, which featured a naked body bent over with a creature under the skin along the spine. The image they went with is still squirmy but more obviously fake, and definitely less subtle. This makes the film look more cheesy than psychologically intense. It probably won't win any awards, but it might be worth a rental.
Adam Green's debut slasher flick, Hatchet, hits Blu-ray this week. Be sure to check out Brian's in-depth review of this disc over here. I can't say I'm much of a fan of the film myself, but if you are a fan you shouldn't hesitate to pick this one up. The video is a nice upgrade from the DVD, the audio is top-notch as well, and the special features are generally pretty interesting even if you don't dig on the film. It's nice to see Anchor Bay pumping out more and more horror films in quality high def presentations, and fans can only hope that that trend continues unabated.

The rest of this week's releases are catch-up Blu-ray titles. Poltergeist has already hit Blu in a sweet digi-book edition, but Warner's has decided to release the disc in the standard blue keepcase in case you're not a fan of the book style packaging. Also out this week are Blu-ray editions of films that had been previously released on HD-DVD. The titles include The Skeleton Key, Pulse (the US remake) and Forbidden Planet. Sadly the Forbidden Planet release is just the disc. The previous HD-DVD release had two versions, the disc only version as well as an Ultimate Collector's Edition that included lobby cards and promotional materials and even a Robby the Robot figurine! Sadly, the Blu-ray version has no corresponding Ultimate Collector's Edition. Maybe they'll end up double dipping that one later on.

That pretty much wraps things up for this week. Stay tuned next week for a look at the horror releases for September 14th!
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