A lot has been said about Danny Trejo's face (Current TV's Brett Erlich memorably said that "Trejo's face looks like it's wearing another face"), and not just because its leathery crags and valleys make it seem less like human skin and more like something it takes Greg Nicotero two hours to apply every morning. Danny Trejo's face is such a focal point because until Machete it's all that Danny Trejo has ever been to most people. But when I was 11, I thought of him as my favorite babysitter. From Heat to Desperado to From Dusk Till Dawn his grizzled mug would show up in just about everything I would pull from the local video store, and when my parents went out to dinner or worked late, it was often Trejo who was left to tuck me in. So despite usually playing criminals, killers, and rapists (Johnny 23!), he's always remained a warm and weirdly sentimental presence for me - a guy whose face wore the weight of a life I couldn't imagine, but who had since rededicated himself to entertaining people (and with Spy Kids, children too). And now with Machete providing Trejo his first major starring role, I'm thrilled that the guy is getting the chance to become more than just a face to a lot of other people.

Sifting through Trejo's entire oeuvre definitely makes for an impressive good time (I still marvel at how he single-handedly makes Bubble Boy watchable, and his brief, head-strong appearance in Breaking Bad is more memorable than most entire TV series), but the best way to get to know this unique Hollywood character might be to check out Joe Eckardt's Champion, an award-winning documentary that chronicles Trejo's journey from convict to movie star. And thanks to a heads up from Buzzfeed, it's my pleasure to report that you can see the film for yourself on Instant Netflix. Check out the trailer after the jump, and let us know your favorite Danny Trejo role. The star-studded affair makes for a compelling and uplifting experience - its "thug makes good" shtick is a bit rote for such an unusual guy, but it beats the hell out of watching a doc about the formative years of Rachel McAdams (to name just one actor who hasn't done time in each of California's maximum security prisons). Check out the trailer below, and if there are any Trejo moments or performances that made the guy an indelible presence in your life, let us know about them in the comments.

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