With school now in session, the Moviefone team got to thinking about all of the movies we once sat through in class. While we pulled together our stories, we put the word out to our Facebook and Twitter users to share their experiences as well. The results? Mostly classics -- everything from 'Gone With the Wind,' to 'Forrest Gump' to 'The Lorax' were screened.

Though one Facebook user, Heather, revealed she watched the graphic film 'American History X' in her sociology class, which shocked us and prompted another user, also named Heather, to say, "BTW, if they ever showed 'American History X' to my kids in school, no matter what age they were, I would sue! I would sue for emotional trauma or something! LOL!! But really, that is not an appropriate movie for school, its too raw, I can't even sit thru the whole thing, and, I'm 27!!"

We think she might be onto something.

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