I was certain the next bit of information on The Hunger Games adaption was going to be the official choice to direct, but it looks as though we're even further from that decision because now three more names are being added to the list of potentials. The news comes from Deadline who originally reported that Gary Ross, Sam Mendes and David Slade were the final three, but now is saying that Andrew Adamson, Rupert Sanders and Susanna White are being considered as well.

Odds are the new additions are far less familiar names than the original trio. Sanders is busy working on his first feature film, an Appian Way-produced thriller The Low Dweller, but you might have already caught some of his other work. Sanders is an award-winning commercial director and the man responsible for the Halo 3: ODST spot released back in September of 2009. While that commercial is quite impressive, as are the advertisements he did for Halo 3 Believe and Monster.com, Adamson is the one with more relevant experience. He directed both Shrek and Shrek 2, but it's his time spent working on the first two Chronicles of Narnia films that would likely help him tackle The Hunger Games. Lastly we've got White who's got a handful of shorts and TV shows to her name as well as the recent release Nanny McPhee Returns.

Not that any of these individuals are bad choices, but I'm just so confident that Slade is the man for the job, it's impossible to welcome them to the race with open arms. Without seeing The Low Dweller I'd be hesitant to give Sanders a shot, it's safe to say that Nanny McPhee Returns has zero in common with a group of kids being tossed into an arena and forced to fight to the death and Narnia is child's play compared to what goes down in the Hunger Games.

Slade, on the other hand, has the perfect background to tackle a project like this. There's a sick and twisted undertone to The Hunger Games as in Hard Candy, there are some brutal and terrifying moments like in 30 Days of Night and Slade also has experience working with a teen-centric franchise, The Twilight Saga. On top of that, he gave that series, which went from so-so to downright boring, the jolt it desperately needed. Lionsgate can continue to throw more and more options into the mix, but from my prospective, it'll be nearly impossible to find someone more qualified than Slade.

However, that likely won't happen. According to Deadline's original report, the man or woman for the job should be announced very soon.
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