School's in full swing across the country, and the studios haven't released too many family friendly titles this week. So it's still a good weekend to keep the brood indoors for your homemade family movie night, unless you have older teens and live in one of the select cities where the Sundance sports indie 'The Winning Season' is playing.

Otherwise here's a mix of titles -- at least one of which is bound to please someone in your clan, from preschoolers to parents. And in case you're looking for a comedy to cuddle up with after the kids are asleep, check out suggestion No. 10; it's just for grown-ups.

Stardust1. For Fantasy Romance: 'Stardust' (PG-13) - on DVD
Who's In It: Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert DeNiro
Why See It: This adaptation of Neil Gaiman's young-adult fantasy is funny and romantic and should appeal equally to boys, girls and parents. Families who enjoyed 'The Princess Bride' will also dig this enchanting tale of young Tristan (Charlie Cox) who finds a beautiful fallen star named Yvaine (Danes) tries to bring her back to the girl he fances, only to end up on an adventure that features power-hungry witches (Pfeiffer), cross-dressing pirate captains (De Niro) and a whole lot of falling in love.

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