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This week, we'll be re-thinking those plane tickets to...

Place: The Federal Bureau of Investigation...and every place where mysterious things go bump in the night or abduct people from their bedrooms.

People/Characters: The iconic duo of wacky conspiracy theorist Fox Mulder and unflappable skeptic Dana Scully, as well as the collection of fellow agents and adversaries who love and hate them in equal measure.

What Makes It Unique:
The X-Files was one of the most important science fiction TV shows of all time, a smash hit with the geeks and the norms, bridging genre weirdness with likable characters and compelling procedural storytelling.

Verdict: Abandon. Close the case, file it away and lose the key.

strong>Reason: Too much of a good thing eventually becomes a bad thing. Something fresh and exciting may stay fresh and exciting for a decade. It may stay fresh and exciting for about five six seasons and a movie before slowly falling apart before our very eyes and imploding with a whimper.

And then they decide to get the band back together for that big revival tour, only to learn that no one cares and that those who did show up really aren't that impressed with the new sound, which, despite sounding a lot like the old sound, just isn't the same.

You used to play the music and now you only play the notes.

And that, my dear friends, is my overly complicated way of saying that The X-Files was a great show, a show that I revisit often, that just went on for too long, extended its reach a little too far, failed to keep all of the proper pieces in play and then followed up the promise of an impending alien invasion with a story about a psychic pedophile and a living severed head. Or something. Pardon me if I'm not remembering that right, but it really says something when the latest major motion picture from this series registers less in my mind than that creepy-ass fluke man episode from season two.

I think everyone involved in the show knows what they accomplished with this show and I certainly hope all of the fans realize that things just aren't going to get better and that just letting this one go is for the greater good. Although The X-Files: I Want to Believe was a flop, there was still some minor rumbling about another sequel. Guys, even if it's direct to DVD, even if its straight to SyFy to play in a double feature with Timekeepers of the Anaconda Zombie Train Massacre, don't do it.

Rest in peace, Mulder and Scully. I'll always love you but I'm just not that into you anymore.

Insert joke about "Ex" Files.
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