Despite his recent string of quality performances in high-profile fare like Sideways and Spider-man 3, I've always refused to refer to Thomas Haden Church as anything other than "Wings star, Thomas Haden Church." But all of that's going to change on October 4th, when the actor appears in a new straight-to-Fearnet film and officially becomes "Zombie Roadkill star, Thomas Haden Church." The project, which is about a diabolically enchanted stretch of road on which the roadkill kills you back (ostensibly, but it's really an extended metaphor for the re-unification of Germany), doesn't only star one of the villains from Spider-Man 3, it's also directed by that film's director cinematographer caterer pluckiest production assistant, David Green (not to be confused with David Gordon Green, although you're welcome to try).

And if that's not enough to convince you to click over to Fearnet or hunt down their VOD channel, you should know that Sam Raimi didn't only play matchmaker for the project, he also produced it. And if that doesn't get you excited... then you've probably seen some of the other films that Raimi has produced (I'm looking at you, Boogeyman). But it must be said that the trailer is a pretty great time in and of itself, and suggests that Zombie Roadkill might be a lot of fun. You can check it for yourself after the jump.

Finally, the movie that Furry Vengeance should have been (and just because that mash-up is both obvious and inevitable, it doesn't mean I don't need to see it immediately). Although it must be mentioned that the film is being chopped up and released in six, bite-sized installments or episodes - Fearnet will unveil the first episode on October 4th, and then release a new chapter every day until the film is complete. It might seem to "cheapen" the project, but this is definitely the kind of thing that might be comedy gold in bits and pieces but a bit tiring over an 80-minute stretch, and so even those afraid of commitment can feel free to spend a "Hot night in hell" with Lloyd himself.

What do you guys think? Would you pull over for Zombie Roadkill?

[via The Examiner]