Many here have jokingly called it "that other remake of 'Red Dawn,'" but 'Tomorrow, When the War Began' is its own entity, and a major one at that, at least in Australia where it not only opened at #1 a couple weeks ago but also there became the highest-grossing domestic film not financed by Hollywood. The film, similar to 'Red Dawn', is about a band of high school students defending their country against an invading army. It's based on a series of popular young adult novels by John Marsden and is the directorial debut of Stuart Beattie, best known for co-writing the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies.

Because of its success Down Under, the 'Tomorrow' franchise will continue with sequels, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Beattie is set to return as writer and director of at least two more films adapted from the seven-book franchise, though nothing has been officially greenlit. While I assume they'll be based on the next two literary titles, 'The Dead of the Night' and 'The Third Day, The Frost' (aka 'A Killing Frost,' to American readers), this is not confirmed. What is known is the two installments will be shot back-to-back and the first film's young stars, including breakout Caitlin Stasey and 'An American Haunting' actress Rachel Hurd-Wood, will reportedly reprise their roles -- unless any die in the original, which even if I knew I wouldn't spoil.
The most we've covered of 'Tomorrow,' sadly, was a look at the trailer back in April. And of course to us it looked like a 'Red Dawn' rip-off. However, the box office and this sequel news has me more intrigued (some commenters had already defended its honor and got me a little interested many months ago). The film currently has no U.S. distributor, yet that should change following its recent screening at the Toronto International Film Festival. I actually don't see why Paramount, who handled the Australian and New Zealand releases, wouldn't also put it out in America.

Now that you've heard of it, do you hope it comes to the States soon?