Isn't it great that we finally live in a time when geeky fandom is embraced and not shunned? Sure, sometimes it gets a little too commercialized, but there's still plenty of cool to be hunted down, and, thanks to the Internet, it's now easier than ever to do. To that end we present to you the Five Things All 'Star Trek' Fans Should Own.

1. The "Traditional Greeting" Hoodie
Pictured at the top of this post is a very clever little hoodie from Threadless that's pretty self explanatory. Zipped all the way up it looks like just a hand, zipped half way down it becomes the traditional Vulcan salute. So if you need to hide your 'Star Trek' geekdom from the public at large, this is a perfect way to do so.

2. Trek Cologne and Perfume
James T. Kirk is (or will be, depending on your frame of reference on the space-time continuum), as they say, a player. After all, when not saving humans from sure death, he travels from world to world having sex with all manner of humanoid females. Don't judge him, though, the future is just much more progressive than our square society is now. But if you want to get a head start on the intergalactic loving, dab on a couple of splashes of Shirtless Kirk Cologne for Men. Cologne not your bag? Don't worry, there's also Pon Farr Perfume.

3. Japanese 'Star Trek' Illustrations
Okay, now these Japanese 'Star Trek' illustrations by renowned Tokyo-based artist Mr. Toru Kanamori are going to be hard to get a hold of, but it's their rarity that makes them worth owning. Decades ago, when 'Trek' was just starting to sweep the globe, Kanamori was hired to do the artwork for a vast number of the local 'Trek' books. Those books themselves are no doubt collector's items on their own today, but they pale to the original art work used to create them. Kanamori doesn't speak any English himself, so his neighbor has started a website in honor of helping his work live on. There's no simple purchase form for the artwork - they have no intent to just sell everything on eBay - but there is a contact form that can be used to propose offers to Kanamori, so if you're a dedicated enough 'Trek' fan, a piece of his one-of-a-kind art could be yours.

4. 'Star Trek' Cuff Links
Because there has to be something super geeky on this list. Everything else on this list could certainly be enjoyed by even the most casual of 'Trek' fans, so the hardcore 'Trekkers' of the world definitely need something that they - and only they - would be into. And it's hard to imagine anyone but the devoted wearing Think Geek's Star Trek Cuff Links.

5. 'Star Trek' Memorial Urns and Caskets
Sure, talking about urns and caskets isn't exactly cheerful conversation, but 'Trek' themed funeral goods are about as cheerful as it's going to get. These aren't just fan made, either; CBS actually licensed 'Trek' to Eternal Images, a manufacturer of burial vessels, for production. It looks like the Eternal Images website won't have any back in stock until later this month (at the earliest), though, so if you're a 'Trek' fan, try not to die until they get more in.
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