Suffering from claustrophobia? Well, you might want to avoid the following upcoming movies: 'Devil' (which opens Friday), about a group of people (one of whom happens to be Satan) trapped in an elevator; 'Buried,' in which poor Ryan Reynolds is entombed alive; and '127 Hours,' about a hiker (James Franco) who's forced to cut off his own arm after being hopelessly pinned under a rock.

Filmmakers love a challenge, and shooting in one location is a surefire way to ramp up the tension. Set all (or a major chunk) of your action in a jury room, a lifeboat, or a police interrogation chamber and it's just a matter of time before the characters turn on each other -- with dramatic results.

How about a deep, dark cave? A haunted hotel room? Or an apartment where the previous tenant just happened to kill herself? When the locations are so limited, madness, paranoia, and great cinema often follow.
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