'Easy A's Olive Pendergast may have a terrible reputation, but Emma Stone the up-and-coming young actress who plays the rumor-plagued high school hottie in the new comedy (out Friday), is building a solid buzz as Hollywood's new "It" girl.

As too-smart-for-school Olive, Stone gets to strut her stuff in skimpy outfits after embracing her fake new identity as the school slut, flirt with 'Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley and perform a show-stopping musical number.

It's a role that's sure to do for her what 'Mean Girls' did for Lindsay Lohan: Launch her into the stratosphere.

Moviefone's been a fan since her head-turning role as tough girl Dakota in 'Zombieland,' when we named her to our 'Top 25 Under 25' list. We take a look at Stone's background, her natural hair color (not red!) and what else you've seen her in.
What's her story?
Born in Scottsdale, AZ, in 1988, she convinced her parents to let her move to Hollywood when she was fourteen with a Powerpoint presentation. "Oh God. It was so silly. I was like fourteen. It had the Madonna song 'Hollywood,'" she told Blackbook in 2009. The Hollywood move clearly worked out: She made her acting debut in 2005 in 'The New Partridge Family' as Laurie Partridge.

'Easy A' Trailer

Is she a natural redhead?
Nope, she's actually a blonde. "I love having red hair. It was actually Judd who picked it for 'Superbad'. ... so Judd Apatow made me a redhead," she told Teen Hollywood in 2008. (You see, Hollywood, she's the exact opposite of Lindsay!)

What else have I seen her in?
-- Wielding a shotgun as badass Dakota in 'Zombieland'
-- Trying to win a cross-country race in the short-lived Fox series 'Drive'
-- Getting kissed by Jonah Hill in 'Superbad'
-- Playing bass as Amelia, the super-serious musician in 'The Rocker'
-- Taking tips from Anna Faris (as nerdy Natalie) in 'The House Bunny'
-- Haunting Matthew McConaughey in 'Ghosts of Girlfriends Past'

Does she do her own stunts?
If it's jumping into the icy ocean in 'Paper Man,' yes. "I distinctly remember that I shot that scene on or just after November 12 and the temperature was in the 30s that day," she told the Wall Street Journal. "It was the second or third day of filming. They actually had a stunt double for me, the same woman who was my stunt double on 'Zombieland' but I ended up just doing it myself. It was important for me to feel that cold, because that's what the character was experiencing."

Is she single?
No. She met musician boyfriend, Teddy Geiger, during the reality show that led to her casting as Laurie Partridge. They later starred together in 'The Rocker.'

What's she doing next?
She's wrapped 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' with Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling and Marisa Tomei. She's preparing for her first period piece, 'The Help,' in which she plays an aspiring writer in 1960s Mississippi. "I'm going to start working with a dialect coach starts very soon, because there's always a fear, with Southern accents, that it can turn very twangy," she told the Wall Street Journal. "I've also just ordered a bunch of books and DVDs ... I'm catching on up all the classic Mississippi movies, such as 'Mississippi Burning' and the 1978 TV miniseries 'King.' Even 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.'"

She'll also provide the voice of Eep, the oldest daughter of Grug (Nicolas Cage) in DreamWorks' upcoming 3-D animated caveman comedy, 'The Croods' and reteams with her 'Easy A' director Will Gluck for 'Friends With Benefits' starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis.
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