Keanu Reeves had an awkward press conference for 'Henry's Crime' following a daring run into traffic for his fans. Jude Law poses an ugly sweater. Camilla Belle wears a dress that looks part Pollack and part barbershop floor. Only Sarah Silverman ('Peep World') would be eating a bag of popcorn during her premiere's red carpet shots.

Monika wanted more from the 'Groundhog Day'-like thriller 'Repeaters': "'Repeaters' could have been a game-changer for Bessai's cinematic world. But, as it stands, it's simply an enjoyable indie that offers a nice change of pace for Bessai fans, and a little indie fervor for fans of the stars."

Scott Weinberg thinks Werner Herzog's captured some "mind-boggling" pictures in 'Caves of Forgotten Dreams,' but is ultimately unhappy with the 3D aspect: "The gimmick does this film no favors. Even using the finest cameras in the world, 3-D has proven itself to be an inconsistent film companion at best, but given the cameras that Herzog's crew are using ... it just doesn't work."

IFC took U.S. distribution rights to Herzog's 'Caves of Forgotten Dreams,' at least for theatrical, since The History Channel will later bring the film to TV.

Anchor Bay bought the school-shooting drama 'Beautiful Boy' for a reported seven figures.

Also in the seven-figure range is Robert Redford's Lincoln-assassination-drama 'The Conspirator,' which Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions has jointly acquired for a spring release (so no Oscars talk for now).

Korean revenge thriller 'I Saw the Devil' goes to Magnet Releasing, the genre division of Magnolia Pictures.

Finally, The Weinstein Company will put out 'Submarine,' a buzzed about comedy from British actor/director Richard Ayoade ('The IT Crowd'). Can't wait for that one.

For the quick recaps, there's the minute-by-minute Toronto Day 7 roundup.

'Blue Valentine' director Derek Cianfrance stopped by the Filmmaker's Lounge to talk about his beginnings as a movie watcher and maker.

Anne Thompson talks to 'Black Swan' director Darren Aronofsky and '127 Hours' producer Christian Colson and writer Simon Beaufoy.

Erik Kohn quotes 'Meek's Cutoff' filmmaker Kelly Reichardt on basing a character partly on Dick Cheney.

Anthony Kaufman had a "fairly decent Toronto" and spotlights the seven films he loved.

And here's the criticWIRE, a near-end-of-festival look at the films of TIFF and how select critics have rated them. Currently the best average grade ('A') is for 'I Saw the Devil.'

Matt Dentler: "Just saw "Submarine," which fully lives up to its hype as the discovery of TIFF10."

kateyrich (of Cinema Blend): "Meek's Cutoff is high-fiber filmmaking: not dazzling or exciting while it's happening, but incredible fulfilling in the end."

jamesrocchi (of MSN Movies) : "MEEK'S CUTOFF: Carved-wood, wrought-iron, hand-made stern-and-simple anti-epic frontier tale plays like a poem made of silences."

mattdentler: "Great to hear that people love 'Meek's Cutoff.' It's such a good one."

mattsinger (of IFC): "Both [Mike D'Angelo] and [AV Club's Scott Tobias] call Errol Morris' TABLOID a fun 'yarn.' One of the few movies of tiff10 that people seem to agree on."

ThePlaylist: "Blue Valentine's ending crushes. Wow."

scottweinberg: "Best Actor? Maybe. Best Actress? Effing definitely. Best Adapted Screenplay? GUARANTEED LOCK. (Rabbit Hole)."

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