It's fascinating to see how each Hollywood movie vying for blockbuster status handles its marketing campaign. Some decide that showing the entire movie in the trailer is no big deal, others tend to just tease out details. And then there's 'Paranormal Activity 2', which has decided to kick things up a notch by releasing a trailer that you actually have to tease details out of.

The first trailer Paramount put out seemed like a normal teaser trailer that offered a fairly straightforward sampling of what new director Tod Williams and screenwriter Michael Perry have in store for returning fans of the first film. But when some eagle eyed viewers examined the images in said trailer they started to notice it wasn't quite so straightforward: one could find warning signs written on the bedroom mirror and, at one point, the mirror was reflecting the image of a baby that wasn't actually in the room. Well the cryptic brand of spookiness has continued with a new trailer.
You can find the second trailer in full at the official 'Paranormal Activity 2' site -- with some hidden easter eggs. For example, if you move the seek bar at the 12:31:14 AM timestamp, you'll find series of still frames from the movie that are not in the trailer. If you don't feel like scanning tediously through the video, though, thank MTV for doing some of the leg work by pulling a few of the screen grabs of all the hidden bits.

Pretty creepy, no? MTV further theorizes that the woman in question is Katie from the original 'Paranormal Activity', but I'm not convinced, though I also just don't want it to be Katie; it's far creepier to me to tell the story of other people being haunted than to continue the story of just one person being haunted. What about you?

Also, is this unique way of creating a teaser "trailer" more interesting to you than the old fashioned way?