This message will not self-destruct in five seconds: We have the goods on the reboot of 'Mission: Impossible IV.'

Okay, so the information -- should you choose to accept it -- is still very much shrouded in secrecy. Just don't expect a fat dossier is what we're saying.

Yet plenty of facts have emerged about the film -- code name: 'Aries' -- which is scheduled to shoot from December 6, 2010, through March 7, 2011. Here's what we know so far:
• Using the same strategy as 'The Dark Knight' -- or more appropriately, every single James Bond film -- the new movie will not contain the words 'mission' or 'impossible.' The title being used for production purposes has been 'Aries,' but whether that will be the finished title remains to be seen. Worst guess ever: A vintage Dodge Aries figures prominently in the plot.

Tom Cruise -- big surprise -- is returning as Ethan Hunt. Joining him in the cast, and possibly being groomed to replace him in future installments of the franchise, is Jeremy Renner (of 'The Hurt Locker' fame), who will play a fellow agent. Ving Rhames is also on board as computer hacker Luther Stickell. Simon Pegg is in talks to return as techie Benji Dunn, as well. Safe bet: The lit fuse will also costar.

• J.J. Abrams will not direct this installment, but will stay on as a producer. Instead, the reins will be turned over to Brad Bird, who will give live action a try after snaring two Oscars for 'The Incredibles' and 'Ratatouille.' Highly unlikely: The casting news is all a bait and switch, and the film will in fact be animated by Bird for Pixar.

• The release date is set for December 16, 2011. Great, but shouldn't the working title be 'Sagittarius'?
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