Sally Hawkins (pictured above) is named the "belle of the [TIFF] ball" by LA Times' The Big Picture. Keanu looks stoned. Midnight Madness maven Colin Geddes chats with the cast and director of 'Monsters.' Even Josh Brolin needs a ticket when he's attending TIFF. Jezebel offers up shnazzy red carpet looks. And though we're offering lots of celeb glimpses, it's still about the movies more than the celebrity fashion, so says The Star. But that doesn't stop some from rating Natalie Portman's red carpet frock, and last but not least -- Yeardley Smith for good measure.

We've got one review for you, but it's a very big rave.

Scott Weinberg checked out John Cameron Mitchell's 'Rabbit Hole' and wrote the highest of praise: "What I ended up watching is, quite simply, one of the best films I've ever seen at a festival. I've always contended that there's no such thing as a 'flawless' film, but now I'm going to amend that phrase to read 'There's no such thing as a perfect film.' Because 'Rabbit Hole' is, as far as I can tell, pretty much flawless."
Soon you can see 'Rabbit Hole' for yourself. Lionsgate has grabbed the North American rights to the film, and will release it later this year. Yes folks -- that means it will be eligible this awards season, and it will be a huge contender, seeing that everyone is raving about it.

Toronto Day 8 rounds up the latest news as the festival heads into the closing stretch.

Todd McCarthy wonders if Warner Bros. wants Ben Affleck to be the new Clint Eastwood.

And have you checked out criticWIRE yet?

Scott Weinberg can't stop raving about that darned movie: "Yeah yeah, the ravenous horror guy wept early and often over RABBIT HOLE. I'm a film critic, not a horror critic. ;0) Thanks, friends."

Wednesday and Thursday are the big days of mass exodus for most TIFF media, and Steve Pond writes about how his last day of screenings left him energized.

Molly Parker -- star of 'Trigger' alongside the late Tracy Wright -- is looking to jump behind the camera. THR reports from Toronto that she'll shoot 'The Ballad of Maura MacKenzie in Canada late next summer. It won't be an upper -- the film focuses on a woman who battles both mental illness and the loss of both of her daughters.

Evan Sneider, an actor with Down syndrome who stars in TIFF's 'Girlfriend,' chats with MSNBC about his passion for acting.

Nadia Litz
-- of 'Monkey Warfare' -- is not only at TIFF as an actress in 'You Are Here,' but also a dark comedy short with the longest titled ever -- 'How to Rid Your Lover of a Negative Emotion Caused by You.'

Though it's not quite over yet, writers share their favourite TIFF 2010 memories.