Make. It. Stop.

No, that isn't the tagline for 'Paranormal Activity 2,' the upcoming sequel to the grassroots 2009 hit about a young couple haunted by an annoying supernatural presence. It's what you'll be driven to say after spending a full hour watching the movie's spooky new teaser trailer.

And to be sure, you will keep watching it. That's because, as first pointed out by, the trailer includes multiple "Easter eggs." If you're as geeky as we are, finding those hidden delights will become an obsession, even though your brain will fry -- make it stop! -- upon seeing the clip's bewildering footage for the 37th time.

But to spare your brains from getting blasted by an overdose of repetitive creepiness, we've done much of the sleuthing work for you with our handy guide to the Easter eggs of the 'Paranormal Activity 2' trailer. You can thank us later.

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Easter Egg No. 1
Before you go crazy trying to find Easter eggs in the trailer we've included at the bottom of this post, please note that the only place to unlock these features is in the trailer on Paramount's official site.

Once you have that page open in a separate browser window, let's begin. The easiest egg to find is the so-called "dancing figure" sequence. Activating this one is simple: When the time code on the lower right-hand part of the screen reaches 12:31:14, just after the pots and pans rattle, grab the play bar and move it back to the left. The trailer will then shake and show you a short, bizarre montage of increasingly creepy video stills and photographs, like these:

Paranormal Activity 2 easter eggs

Easter Egg No. 2

When this jarring, confounding sequence ends, the trailer picks up where it left off -- in the room where the dog sits beside the baby and crib. As the tension builds and a freaky woman -- possibly Katie, the protagonist of the first film? -- ominously appears (see the image at the top of this article), the movie's title card comes up.

While not technically hidden, a second clue can be found by listening close to the audio. Just as the "2" dissolves, a voice can be heard saying something -- but it is playing backwards. Then, after a few moments to give viewers the website information, the title card appears again and the same vocal snippet is played, only this time in the correct direction.

Moviefone has confirmed with Paramount that the voice is saying "Hunter." Why is this significant? Anyone who saw the trailer released by Paramount back in June will remember this name, as "What's happening to Hunter?" was written in blood on the mirror in the clip's final moments. That question could very well be the tagline of the movie -- a clue to what the as-yet-revealed plot of the sequel might actually be about.

Easter Egg No. 3
After the title card fades, the action suddenly returns to the room with the crib. This time, the shadowy woman is gone (as is the awesome dog), and the crib seems to be empty. But check out the mirror! There's little junior in the reflection of the crib. Eerie!

But that's not the Easter egg you're looking for. When the camera starts to lurch and zoom in on the mirror, move your cursor to the far left of your browser. The photograph itself will appear to move to the right, and the black band on the left side of the screen will increase. As it continues to zoom, you'll be taken back to the center of the image -- and the baby is no longer in the crib in the mirror. Spine chill!

Further Easter Eggs
Paramount also confirms that more hot points exist in the trailer -- but they're vexingly keeping mum on what they might be for now.

And that's where we need your help. If you've managed to find any others, please let us know in the comments section below. We can't rest until all of these eggs are found, and only you can help us make it stop.

Watch the Non-Easter Egg-Enabled Trailer:

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