Even as the popularity of digital media continues to rise and the Blockbusters of the world struggle to hang on, the demise of the DVD always seemed to be in the distant future. Well, it looks like the format may pass away sooner rather than later because a major DVD retailer is opting to axe the amount of space allocated to DVDs this holiday season. According to Daily Finance, Best Buy is shifting things around to make more room for video games and consumer electronics, namely netbooks and tablet PCs.

Best Buy Chief Executive Brian Dunn explained, "We'll have another store reset before the holidays, which will include an increase in the space for higher-growth and, in the aggregate, higher-margin categories, like Best Buy Mobile, e-readers and gaming, with a heavy emphasis on new gaming platforms and pre-owned game titles." He added, "This will be enabled by our reorganization of the DVD and CD sections."

It's impossible not to have noticed that DVDs are now a dying breed, but news of Best Buy "reorganizing" the section entirely is actually quite upsetting. Here's why ...
From a business standpoint, it clearly makes sense, but over the past few years as the Blockbuster chain has diminished and a number of smaller video and DVD stores have shut down, personally, Best Buy has become a prime resource for immediate movies. Netflix is a fantastic service, but unless a film is streaming (and such a small portion of their library is), you've got to wait at least two days to get your hands on the product, and, well, most movie fanatics aren't that patient. They want to watch a movie and they want to watch that movie now! There's also something about having the physical product in your hand that feels far more satisfying. There's still something to be said for owning and displaying a DVD you adore on your shelf, and you just can't get the same sort of satisfaction from a digital file donning the title stashed away in an obscure folder on your computer.

The good news is that, according to Best Buy, DVDs (and especially Blu-rays) are not going away entirely ... yet. When Cinematical reached out for a comment, Erin Bix, from Best Buy's PR department, had this to say:

"I can confirm Brian Dunn's statements from last week's earnings call that we will have another store reset before the holiday which will be enabled by a reorganization (not removal) of the DVD and CD sections to make more room for categories such as Best Buy Mobile, eReaders, and gaming – with a heavy emphasis on new gaming platforms and pre-owned game titles.

While an entertainment reset of some sort will take place in all stores, the product mix will vary depending on the market. We remain committed to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray and are not cutting assortment. We're simply reorganizing the space. Blu-ray especially remains an important part of entertainment at Best Buy."

Regardless, in all likliehood reorganizing the space means less product, and while you'll still find DVDs and Blu-rays on the shelves this holiday season, look for that space to become smaller and smaller as more people opt to watch their movies in other ways, like online via digital downloads. But is that a good thing?

Do you still buy your DVDs and Blu-rays?
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