Whether or not Jon Hamm is actually picked to play the Man of Steel, one thing is apparently for sure: Guillermo del Toro will not be directing the next 'Superman' movie, which is currently being scripted by his 'Blade II' producer/writer David S. Goyer. Del Toro was apparently offered the gig, or so he implied during an interview with Deadline last week while promoting 'Biutiful' and 'Julia's Eyes' at the Toronto International Film Festival. When asked to confirm that Warner Bros. wanted him, all the 'Pan's Labyrinth' filmmaker could diplomatically say is, "there were other projects," while laughing. That's not a definite yes, but it's certainly not a no.

Of course, Del Toro has already done the superhero/comic book thing quite marvelously with two 'Hellboy' movies, plus that 'Blade' sequel, and so it's hard to imagine he gave the 'Superman' reboot much thought following his departure from 'The Hobbit.' He talks about what it was like to come off that project, sharing that afterward "there were very big, lucrative, beautiful projects on the table." Some of these likely included 'The Great and Powerful Oz' and Disney's 'The Haunted Mansion' redo, which he's merely co-writing and producing.
Instead of 'Superman,' which seems too vanilla for the horror-leaning Oscar-nominee, Del Toro has chosen the darker project 'At the Mountains of Madness,' an H.P. Lovecraft adaptation he'll helm in 3-D for producer James Cameron. Now, just as it's fun to imagine what could have been had Clint Eastwood donned the cape and tights, we can now fantasize about what a Guillermo del Toro 'Superman' would have looked like. We know Warner Bros. is interested in a "dark" tone for the next installment, with 'The Dark Knight' director Christopher Nolan overseeing (and perhaps his brother Jonathan directing, as has been rumored) but would Del Toro really have been a good fit?

Who would you pick to direct the next 'Superman'?

[via Digital Spy]
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