The ProducersAll forms of entertainment adapt each other nowadays.

Television shows come to Broadway. Movies get made into television shows and vice-versa. Successful musicals become movies. Almost everything comes from a book or gets adapted into a novelization. The list goes on.

In more than one case, a movie has been made into a Broadway show. The most obvious example of this is Mel Brooks' 'The Producers,' but there have been a myriad of others such as 'Big,' 'Legally Blonde,' several of the Disney movies (animated or otherwise) ... the list goes on. In fact, it was just announced that the 1992 Disney film 'Newsies' will be adapted into a Broadway show, as well as 'Catch Me If You Can'.

The question is: what other movies should be tapped for adaptation to a Broadway musical? 'The Producers' was an obvious choice because it's about Broadway and was originally conceived as a play. But what else is out there?

What follows after the jump are five films that could work on Broadway. They are arbitrarily selected and are not necessarily the five best. If you can think of better choices, please let us know in the comments.
1. 'Annie Hall' - I'm stunned that nobody has yet thought of tapping Woody Allen's early work for adaptation. It really seems obvious since many of his movies are about relationships (with the early ones possessing a certain slapstick quality) and that's what most Broadway musicals are about as well. 'Annie Hall' won the Academy Award for best picture and is arguably his most well-known movie. Granted, there are a ton of others that could also be adapted (I'd buy tickets for 'Sleeper' myself), but this would be a good place to start.

'Annie Hall' opening

2. 'The Goonies' - The Disney juggernaut on Broadway proves that the only way to make the real money is to gear your production towards kids (or at least make it family-friendly). 'Spamalot' proved that certain cult movies can work on Broadway. 'The Goonies' has that quality with a little more of a gross-out factor than your average Disney production (which could work to its advantage in this day and age). Besides which, don't you want to hear Chunk's solo where he confesses to all the bad things he's done in his life to the Fratellis? A musical adaptation of the movie was being discussed in 2007 by director Richard Donner, but has not yet come to fruition as of this writing. You can check out a fan-made 'Goonies' musical though.

'The Goonies' trailer

3. 'Arthur' - This old 1981 film starring Dudley Moore is being given the remake treatment starring Russell Brand. Despite this, it's exactly the sort of story that would do well on Broadway -- one about a wealthy, immature misanthrope who finds salvation in the form of an ordinary waitress. A similar story could be found in 'My Fair Lady,' which was already a hit on Broadway. People like familiarity, as long as it's different enough to keep their interest.

Favorite scenes from 'Arthur'

4. 'The Princess Bride' - Fantasy does well nowadays and 'The Princess Bride' has the benefit of being a fantasy about true love (always a big sell on Broadway). Even the story structure lends itself to different scenes in a play. The big trick of this one would be to find someone who could fill Andre the Giant's shoes. Speaking of fantasy ...

'The Princess Bride' Battle of Wits

5. 'Star Wars' - Come on, it's not like Lucas hasn't already sold out the franchise a thousand times over. The name recognition would be enough to send people to the theater in droves and they could make their money back on the concession stand merchandising alone. They could even combine the three-movie original trilogy into a single show like they did with the 'Lord of the Rings' musical (only it would have to be shorter. Much shorter). A singing, dancing Darth Vader would be enough to get me to buy a ticket. The only question is, would Han shoot first?

'Star Wars: A New Hope' trailer
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