One thing that the folks at Disney do better than anyone else (with the possible exception of Steve Jobs) is to figure out ways to wring money out of their existing products. The latest property to be adapted as a new revenue source? The 1992 musical 'Newsies,' which brought us a singin', dancin' teenage Christian Bale, leading a labor strike by downtrodden newsboys at the turn of the last century.

'Newsies' was not a box-office success. In fact, it was a huge, expensive flop. Yet, Oscar-winning composer Alan Mencken ('Beauty and the Beast,' 'Aladdin') has confirmed that he's collaborating with Harvey Fierstein ('Torch Song Trilogy,' 'La Cage aud Folles') to update the musical for the Broadway stage. Menken co-wrote the original film's songs with lyricist Jack Feldman. (Check out a clip -- and an adorable, very young Bale -- after the jump.)
It sounds, at first, like a bad idea: A huge bomb recycled as an expensive stage production. But the Disney folks know their audience, and having turned both 'Camp Rock' and 'High School Musical' into veritable money-printing franchises, they've undoubtedly been combing their back catalog for 'tween-friendly, music-driven product.

Menken told Playbill that the score has been expanded and updated for Broadway, with "a lot of new songs ... We're all having a great time. We already had a 29-hour reading in May. I don't think Disney knows yet what it's going to be."

(via Playbill)

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