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The brilliantly cheesy 1992 movie-musical 'Newsies,' about newspaper boys in 1900s New York who bring down their corrupt boss, is being turned into a Broadway show.

Though the film's star, a baby-faced Christian Bale, refuses to acknowledge 'Newsies' and claims to have never seen the final product, and though it flopped big-time at the box office, 'Newsies' has actually become a cult classic for anyone who loves journalism, musicals, and Christian Bale at his most attractive.

'Newsies' is full of catchy songs and awesome dance numbers -- most of the kids hired for the film, directed by 'High School Musical' director Kenny Ortega, were actually dancers rather than actors.

The scene we're most excited to see re-created (and yes, um, some of us may own 'Newsies' on DVD) is the infamous 'King of New York' dance, which begins with the still relevant line: "If you're in the papes, you're famous and if you're famous you can get anything you want!"
The boys, clad in newsie caps (duh) and suspenders, are celebrating their small victory at a local diner with the journalist (Bill Pullman) who helped them achieve it, when they start singing about what they'll do now that they've gained some notoriety for fighting back.

Some highlights include "a pair of new shoes with matching laces," "Havana cigars that cost a quarter," and "a porcelain tub with boiling water." It was definitely a simpler time.

In the Broadway show, we hope they keep the kids' awesome tap-dance routine on the diner's tables and the synchronized hand-shake maneuvers with the chairs. The "King of New York" scene is reminiscent of another "dance on the tables of a restaurant" scene from the musical 'Rent,' but 'Newsies' includes more actual choreography.

'Newsies' has been called the male version of 'Annie' -- and if this scene is done right, it could possibly blow that redheaded orphan out of the water.

"King of New York" from 'Newsies'

What scene from the movie are you most excited to see redone on the Broadway stage? Tell us in the comments.

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