The mystery surrounding the Wachowski's latest film, 'Cobalt Nueral 9,' has been a hot topic of discussion on the Internet for the past few months. Some of the rampant speculation can now be confirmed (or put to rest ... ) thanks to Vulture. The site has gotten full feedback on the script courtesy of their "spies" and are spilling the beans on what you can expect should this ambitious project eventually get off the ground. Read on for the full (and spoiler-ific) details.
Back in August we reported that the Wachowskis' script was being kept under tight wraps from agents and actors -- a new trend (read: obsession) in keeping projects under lock and key to avoid Internet leaks of unfinished or early drafts. According to Vulture this logic extends to the Wachowskis' title, which is apparently "gibberish designed to inspire debate as to its meaning; it appears nowhere in the actual script." Here's what we did know: the story about a homosexual romance between an American and Iraqi soldier takes place in the future -- cinema-verité-style.

Apparently digital archaeologists will be the audience's guide as they sort through "found footage" from news clips and discarded digital cameras left in the wake of the U.S. occupation of Iraq. It's all being shown through "Cloverfield-esque" flashbacks, taking place almost one hundred years from now.

Our leading men, Butch (ahem) -- a gay, intense, "ravishingly handsome" Marine, and an Iraqi soldier turned militant fall in love in the midst of disaster -- having met while Butch is on combat patrol in Iraq during the second Gulf War. They also find time to "rut like animals behind [a] fence," while disguised in burquas. Eventually their relationship is discovered, tragedy ensues and it "radicalizes" the duo, who then "become convinced that the only way to rid the world of evil is to kill the architect of the invasion, the then-president of the United States, George W. Bush."

The chances of this project being picked up by a studio are slim to none and a rep Vulture spies spoke to agrees this will "never, ever" happen. Instead they suggest that the 'Matrix' millions could be the cash cow to help self or co-finance the project independently. For now, the Wachowskis are inviting interested agents to read the screenplay at Warner Bros. while a casting exec watches your every move.

Of course, these plot details should be taken with a grain of salt as anything could change at any time. Going on that, what do you think of the direction the Wachowskis are taking with 'CN9' so far? On the one hand, it sounds like a unique narrative and point of view about being gay and in the military -- and the potential to explore the Middle East's unspoken gay culture could be really interesting. On the other, some might see the idea of the assassination element almost trivializing the tale of forbidden love with its outlandishness. Still, would you rather see someone attempt to tackle a subject like this and not quite capture it perfectly, than see the same old thing over and over again?

It's far too soon to make a definitive judgment on these issues either way, but let us know what you're thinking in the comments section below.

[via Vulture]
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