GoodFellasIf you have access to HBO, then chances are you saw one of the best TV shows of the year on Sunday night. The pilot episode of 'Boardwalk Empire,' directed by Martin Scorsese, ripped apart the fabric of time and space -- or at least the usual when it comes to televised portrayals of gangsters -- to deliver a rousing depiction of Atlantic City at the beginning of prohibition. HBO has already renewed the show for a second season, and now comes talk that another Scorsese-directed project may be coming to the small screen.

According to Deadline, Scorsese's 'GoodFellas' is under consideration as a television series. We'd classify this as only the most remote of rumors right now -- all the article says is that it's "in the offing" and original author Nicolas Pileggi is "likely to write at least the pilot episode." If history has taught us anything, it's that television shows need an original creative voice at the helm. Right now, if 'GoodFellas' has one, he's not talking.
Could 'GoodFellas' become a good TV show? Scorsese's original has a superb pedigree and it's difficult to imagine anyone stepping into the fine Italian dress shoes of the characters played by Robert DeNiro or Joe Pesci. But someone else playing Henry Hill, the gangster wannabe who eventually turned informer? As good as Ray Liotta was in the movie, someone else could play that part or a similar role.

'The Sopranos' seems to have exhausted the possibilities of examining the mob life, but if the folks behind the proposed 'GoodFellas' series can come up with new angles and great writing, they might have a shot at making something people will want to see.

Do you think 'GoodFellas' could become a good or great TV series? Or should they forget about it?

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An Irish-Italian hood (Ray Liotta) joins the 1950s New York Mafia. Read More

April 30, 2016
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