-- Tom Cruise was caught location scouting in Prague for the 'Mission Impossible' sequel that apparently isn't a 'Mission Impossible' sequel, but technically is. Confused? So are we.

-- Blockbuster is finally filing for bankruptcy this week. You remember Blockbuster, right? Back in the old days when you'd have to walk a mile up hill in the snow to go to rent a video at an actual store. Bah! Good riddance physical activity!

-- Rob Zombie has chosen the next film he will direct, and it's called 'The Lords of Salem'. No, sadly, it's not a story about a bunch of skateboarders accused of being witches (get it? 'Lords of Dogtown'? Salem? Zing!). Instead, it's a thriller set in contemporary Salem, and it follows a group of people who are terrorized when a coven of 300-year old demonic witches pay them a visit. So ... does that mean there really were witches in Salem?

-- In the spirit of catfight films like' Bride Wars', apparently Emily Blunt is gearing up to star in a film called 'Engagement Games', about three sisters who all get engaged at the same time and then go to war over their mother's wedding ring.
-- Joaquin Phoenix made his much talked-about return to The David Letterman Show last night, and at the same time revealed a new, clean-cut look (and attitude) that proves he's ready to get back to acting in movies that are actually good. Check out the video below ...

-- Elizabeth Banks has joined Sam Worthington in the thriller 'Man On A Ledge' as the female lead. The film, which also stars Jamie Bell and Anthony Mackie, follows a police detective (Worthington) who threatens suicide from high up on a ledge. Banks will play the NYPD crisis negotiator who tries to talk him out of jumping.

-- And finally ... check out an image of Christopher Lloyd reprising the role (or should we say voice) of Doc Brown from the 'Back to the Future' trilogy for a new BTTF-related video game. BTTF screenwriter Bob Gale is helping out on a story that will include five episodes, be set in Hill Valley in 1985, and jump around to numerous points in time. The image of Lloyd and the teaser poster for the game can be seen below. [Image courtesy of Slashfilm]

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