Legend of the Guardians UnscriptedWhat's it like to play an owl, anyway? We found out when 'Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole' co-stars Jim Sturgess ('21') and Ryan Kwanten ('True Blood') and director Zack Snyder ('300,' 'Watchmen') sat down to answer your questions and share their experiences of creating the film, which is based on the book series 'Guardians of Ga'Hoole.'

Jim and Ryan elaborated on the differences between acting in live-action vs. animation and the mindset required to play an owl. And for a personal touch, Zack explained his tattoos and shared a picture of his dad in owl face-paint from the premiere -- while Ryan described his strangest fan experience. Apparently, a female fan wanted his help with her pregnancy ... but you'll have to watch the interview for his priceless description of the encounter.

'Legend Of The Guardians' Fan Questions

The following questions, submitted by fans like you, were asked during this Unscripted.
  • Jim:
    How does the animated film experience compare to being in a live-action movie?
  • Zack:
    Do you think that 'Legend of the Guardians' is able to transcend the perception of animated films being "just for kids," and in what ways?
  • Ryan:
    What drew you to this role and what guidance were you given about how to voice your owl?
  • Ryan:
    You have some pretty enthusiastic female fans. What's the strangest encounter you've ever had with them?
  • Zack:
    What is your opinion of the 3D revolution happening in Hollywood right now?