Twenty-five years ago, Marty McFly met Doc Brown, accidentally drove into the past, and almost set up a paradox as he prevented his parents from meeting in 'Back to the Future.' As the teenage version of his mother lusted after him, he had to live in the '50s and figure out a way to help George and Lorraine get together or else risk watching his future be erased right before his own eyes. Subsequent sequels dealt with the future and long-ago past before the franchise rested, untainted from a downward spiral of further sequels while remaining a true Hollywood classic.

And now Christopher Lloyd, who played Doc Brown -- inventor of the iconic DeLorean time machine -- in the series, is becoming a time traveler once again. It won't be for a sequel or remake of the '80s fan favorite (thank god!), but rather a whole new IMAX film.
Variety reports that the new film, tentatively titled 'Time, the Fourth Dimension,' is being whipped up by 3D Entertainment Films. Lloyd will once again play a science type, this time as "an eccentric professor who will explore and explain various dimensions with a focus on space-time." Jean-Jacques Mantello and Richard Gabai are co-directing the film, which will mix 3-D with special effects, time-lapse and high-speed photography, and computer-generated imagery.

It's not quite a feature film since it will run roughly 45 minutes, but it will hit IMAX theaters in the spring of 2012.

As you may have noticed, there's been a bit of 'Back to the Future' fever lately, and this news certainly adds a few logs to the fire. We've got Blu-ray goodies, new theatrical releases, and of course, a new video game. In a world where 'The Lost Boys' becomes a potential 7-film series, it's no stretch of the imagination to assume that we're stepping closer and closer to a big-screen remake of the original 1985 film. Love it or loathe it, it seems like an inevitability -- especially considering all the new technology out there and Hollywood's need to remake every '80s movie we hold near and dear to our hearts.

And if not a remake, would you be averse to a sequel? Doc arriving on the Hovertain with his twenty-something Jules and Verne, teaming up with Marty and Jennifer's potential offspring to fix things once again? It's a dangerous proposition, but it's hard to ignore the beauty of imagining Marty and Doc on the screen once again.

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