Actress Gloria Stuart, who was perhaps best known for her Oscar-nominated role as elder Rose in 'Titanic,' died yesterday after a lengthy battle with lung cancer, her daughter, Sylvia Thompson, confirmed to the Washington Post. She was 100.

Born in Santa Monica, CA, Stuart rose to fame in the 1930s, during which she appeared in an impressive 42 films, from 'The Invisible Man' to 'Gold Diggers of 1935.' She left the business in the mid-'40s to focus on raising her family, and didn't return to the big screen until the release of 'My Favorite Year' in 1982, opposite Peter O'Toole. Stuart would go on to appear in two additional films in the '80s, 'Mass Appeal' and 'Wild Cats.'
But it was her role in the 1997 blockbuster 'Titanic' that made Stuart a household name. At age 87, she became the oldest actor ever to receive an Academy Award nomination. She lost to Kim Basinger, for 'L.A. Confidential,' though they memorably tied at the Screen Actors Guild awards in early 1998. That same year, she was named one of the 50 most beautiful people by PEOPLE magazine.

Stuart was a founding member of the Screen Actors Guild in the early '30s. Her final on-screen appearance was in the 2004 film 'Land of Plenty,' starring Michelle Williams.

Stuart celebrated her 100th birthday on Jul. 4.

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