With Hayden Panetierre signed onto a TV movie based on the story of convicted college student Amanda Knox, and Sacha Baron Cohen announced for an upcoming Freddie Mercury big-screen biopic, we couldn't help but wonder, if these projects were flip-flopped, that is, the feature film were slated for TV and vice versa, who would get those gigs?

Feature movies still require a name star, for the most part. (You were great on 'Heroes,' Hayden, but 'I Love You Beth Cooper' didn't exactly establish you as a box office draw.) And even though more and more big names are popping up on TV, there's still a different roster for casting a feature film versus a TV movie-of-the-week.

Indulge us as we recast 'Eat Pray Love,' 'Conviction' and '127 Hours' as TV movies and contemplate who'd be wearing that pink pillbox if 'The Kennedys' were still headed to your local mutliplex, instead of the History Channel. strong>

If These Big-Screen Movies Were TV Movies ...

L-R: Sacha Baron Cohen, Freddy Mercury, Ian Somerhalder

Headline:Rock World Mourns Queen Lead Singer, Dead at Age 45
Name of Movie: As-yet untitled
The Movie Will Star: Chameleon-like comedian Sacha Baron Cohen as theatrical Queen front man Freddy Mercury (who died of AIDS in 1991), a role he seemed to test-run as the outrageous 'Bruno.'
The TV Movie Would Have Starred: 'Vampire Diaries' bad boy Ian Somerhalder has the bone structure -- and androgyny -- to pull off one of rock's greatest showmen. By fan demand, the vocals would be provided by 'Idol's Adam Lambert.

L-R: James Franco, Aron Ralston, Michael Vartan

Headline: Trapped Hiker Cuts Off Own Arm to Survive
Name of Movie:'127 Hours'
The Movie Stars: James Franco as hiker Aron Ralston, who cut off his own arm after it was trapped by a boulder while mountain climbing in Utah.
The TV Movie Would Have Starred: Michael Vartan, who could use a starring role after turns as "love interest of lead character" on 'HawthoRNe' and 'Alias.'

L-R: Hilary Swank, Betty Anne Waters, Kellie Martin

Headline: Sister's 18-Year Quest Frees Brother From Jail With DNA Evidence
Name of Movie:'Conviction'
The Movie Stars:Hilary Swank, in yet another biopic -- this time, as crusading Betty Anne Waters, who put herself through law school to clear her imprisoned brother (Sam Rockwell) of murder.
The TV Movie Would Have Starred: 'Lifetime' staple Kellie Martin as Betty Anne, and fellow 'ER' alum Erik Palladino as ne'er do well Ken.

L-R: Sandra Bullock, Leigh Anne Tuohy, Rebecca de Mornay

Headline: Leigh Anne Tuohy Makes Football Star of Homeless Teenager
Name of Movie: 'The Blind Side'
The Movie Starred:Sandra Bullock as wealthy socialite Leigh Anne Tuohy, who takes a homeless teen under her wing and encourages him to play football.
The TV Movie Would Have Starred:Rebecca de Mornay, who has more than just a pretty face, as we know from guest roles on 'Law & Order: SVU.' Ironically enough, she also starred in a 1993 movie called (drumroll please) 'The Blind Side,' although that had a slightly different premise: That made-for-HBO affair was more of an 'I Know Who You Ran Over in When You Were in Mexico' thriller.

L-R: Julia Roberts, Elizabeth Gilbert, Courteney Cox

Headline: I Found Love Through Pasta and Prayer
Name of Movie: 'Eat Pray Love'
The Movie Starred:Julia Roberts as author Elizabeth Gilbert, who traveled the globe in search of meaning, love and carbs after her divorce.
The TV Movie Would Have Starred:Courteney Cox, who is hitting her post-'Friends' groove as divorcee Jules on 'Cougar Town.'

If These TV Movies Were Big-Screen Movies ...

L-R: Hayden Panettiere, Amanda Knox, Amanda Seyfried

Headline: American Exchange Student Accused of Killing Her Roommate
Name of TV Movie: 'The Amanda Knox Story'
The TV Movie Stars: 'Heroes' hottie Hayden Panetierre as Amanda Knox, an American student found guilty -- in a much-criticized trial -- of murdering her roommate while studying abroad in Italy.
The Big-Screen Movie Would Have Starred: 'Letters to Juliet's' Amanda Seyfried, testing her box-office cred in a serious role.

L-R:: Erik McCormack, Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, Brad Pitt

Headline: 'Clark Rockefeller' Found Guilty in High Profile Kidnapping Case
Name of the TV Movie:'Who is Clark Rockefeller?'
The TV Movie Starred:Eric McCormack as Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, a.k.a Clark Rockefeller, who was found guilty of kidnapping his daughter. His trial revealed his real name and the lies he had told about his background.
The Big-Screen Movie Would Have Starred: Brad Pitt, because he was so good at playing a con man in the 'Ocean's' films and -- correct us if we're wrong -- hasn't really played a villain since 'Fight Club.'

L-R: Katie Holmes, Jacqueline Kennedy, Rachel Weisz

Headline: John F. Kennedy Shot Down by Dallas Sniper
Name of the TV Movie:'The Kennedys'
The TV Movie Stars:Katie Holmes, as the iconic first lady, and Greg Kinnear, as President John F. Kennedy, in this mini-series, which is set to air next year on the History Channel.
The Big-Screen Movie Would Have Starred: Rachel Weisz, who was attached when the project was still a feature, to be directed by hubby Darren Aronofsky.

L-R: Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Al Pacino

Headline: 'Dr. Death' Speaks Out From Jail
Name of the TV Movie: 'You Don't Know Jack'
The TV Movie Starred: Al Pacino as the infamous euthanasia advocate, whose medical license was revoked and who spent eight years in prison for assisted suicide.
The Big-Screen Movie Would Have Starred: Can you really top Al Pacino? Besides, HBO movies practically are feature films.
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