It's amazing how much can change in three years.

It wasn't so long ago that Natalie Portman was trying to find her critical footing. After wowing the masses in her youth with 'The Professional' (or 'Leon' -- take your pick), she struggled to find that same notoriety, being ravaged for her stint in the 'Star Wars' prequels and 'V for Vendetta.' In 2007, MTV asked her about the possibility of a sequel to 'The Professional,' and Portman stated: "I would work with Luc Besson again, in a second, but [not on a sequel]." She continued: "When something works, you don't touch it."

But then 'Black Swan' pirouetted through a few prestigious film festivals, and opinions of the actress are once again on the rise, leading audiences to wonder if she's finally recaptured the mainstream magic. Again, the site asked Portman about the possibility of a sequel, and this time she has a more promising answer. (If, of course, you're hoping for a sequel.)
MTV asked Portman if she's ever read the rumored 'Mathilda' script that Luc Besson wrote (which is a sequel to 'The Professional'), and she replied: "No, I have never read it because Luc won't direct it himself. I told him, if he would do it himself, I would be there in two seconds, but he won't."

Obviously, she's still very keen to work with Besson again, even to the point of re-thinking her anti-sequel stance. And hey, the director has already re-thought those old "I'm retiring" exclamations, so anything is possible -- especially as feelings towards Portman turn. Having tackled ballerina thrills with aplomb, it should be a bit easier to imagine her as a grown-up assassin, and in turn, be more eager to see how Mathilda turned out.

Really, that's the whole magic of a 'Mathilda' possibility. Where most sequels must hunt to find the next story, and often just give us more of the same, 'The Professional' opened up a world best re-explored after many years. Part of the impact -- and controversy -- was the little girl who grew up too fast. So how did Mathilda turn out? How did the events of the first film impact her?

We usually shy away from sequels, but now seems like the right time to hunt down Mathilda and see how she's matured. Natalie Portman has found added success, and the ideas that rose out of her first feature film role are now in the spotlight again as we see a world of Hit Girl and 'Kick-Ass.' With young assassins fresh on the mind, maybe it's finally time to see what happens when they grow up?

What say you: Is it time for Luc Besson to jump behind the camera and bring Portman's Mathilda to life once again?

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