Seth Green and collaborator Matt Senrich are offering us the chance to play God. Okay, not exactly God in the all-powerful sense, but in the cinematic, 'Truman Show' sense. If you remember the 1998 film, Jim Carrey starred as a man who discovers that he's not actually living his life as he believed he was. A TV show was created around his birth, his town nestled on a set, his friends and family played by actors in one big production. Essentially, his entire reality was created to serve the whims of an outside television public.

Now Green, the ex-'Buffy' star and 'Robot Chicken' creator, is testing the idea out with a much less morally questionable real-life show/project called 'Control TV,' where audiences can dictate one twenty-somethings every move, a "choose your own adventure" for a stranger on the Internet.
So who would allow their entire life to be influenced by the nice folks (and trolls and jerks) of the Internet? The lucky dude (and willing participant) is a 25-year-old man named Tristan, who moved from Connecticut to Los Angeles. "Tristan is funny, charismatic, attractive, charming and affable but faces a quarter life crisis moment. As such, Tristan is looking to utilize Control TV as an opportunity to let the audience steer him in a new direction that could potentially help him discover a lifestyle he is passionate and proud of," according to the press release. Or, without the PR speak, maybe he didn't hit it big like many LA transplants, and sees this as a prime opportunity to hop into the public eye and snag his fifteen minutes?

Either way, when the six-week project launches on October 6, viewers of Control TV can vote on almost every major or minor decision he makes, dictating every aspect of his life, "from the clothes he wears to what he eats and people he dates." There are, of course, some things viewers won't be able to control, namely the sponsor brands he uses in the show -- a Ford car and Sprint phone.

If you were sick of studios dictating "reality" television, or have always wanted your own human pet to boss around at will, your chance is just a few weeks away. The poor guy is doomed if the power of the Internet joins together for one mighty force of calamitous intent. And here we thought 'The Truman Show' was nothing more than a fantasy. We're just one big dome away from a real-life Truman Burbank.

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