To paraphrase: a rumor can find itself halfway around the Web before the truth gets its pants on. Well, here's one that can be taken with a grain of salt. As we told you last night, Darren Aronofsky is one of many directors on the shortlist for the 'Superman' reboot gig, and if he gets it then you might see Natalie Portman playing Lois Lane, according to Moviehole.

Aronofsky would undoubtedly do a fine job with the franchise. He's obviously interested in expanding his portfolio to include larger, blockbuster-type films, having already been attached to helm a reboot of 'Robocop', as well as a 'Batman' movie based on a Frank Miller storyline. From what we know about the next 'Superman' movie, Warner Bros. will most likely take it in a darker, edgier direction, much like they've done with Christopher Nolan's 'Batman' series. Further proof of that could probably be found in the fact that they've actually brought Nolan on to sort of "grandfather" the new 'Superman' movie by helping with all facets of production, from script to casting to choosing a director (hence his meeting with Aronofsky).

However, Aronofsky's style is somewhat offbeat (very few could succeed at making a drama about a professional wrestler) so he may find doing a mainstream movie like this difficult. Then again, perhaps he's been preparing for it his whole life. Of course, the real kicker is Natalie Portman. While Lois Lane is an iconic character, Portman is already doing the "superhero love interest" thing by playing Jane Foster in the 'Thor' movie. Plus there was the whole "Princess Amidala" thing in the 'Star Wars' prequels. Still, there are worse types of characters to be typecast as.

An interesting note is that it seems movie bosses wanted Portman to play Lois Lane "the first time around" -- meaning for Bryan Singer's 'Superman Returns' -- but they couldn't make it happen. This time, according to sources, she'll do it for Aronofsky, but we're curious to find out what sort of contract she's already under for Marvel. Did she sign on to multiple 'Thor' films, and if so, does that mean she's not allowed to do a DC movie?

Ryan Reynolds seems to be hopping between Marvel's 'Deadpool' and DC's 'Green Lantern', but his contract on 'Deadpool' was put in place prior to 'Green Lantern', which is why (presumably) he's allowed to go between both comic powerhouses (though Warner Bros. is doing all they can to make it so he can't do 'Deadpool' before 'Green Lantern 2').

In addition to the Aronofsky and Portman announcements, Heat Vision has jumped onto the 'Superman' gravy train by letting out that Ben Affleck was also considered for the Man of Steel job, but as director. Remember, Affleck does have superhero experience having starred as Daredevil in Marvel's adaptation awhile back, as well as Superman himself (but as the actor who played him on TV in 'Hollywoodland'), and he's certainly proven himself a director who can handle a big cast in a fairly big movie. After meeting about the reboot last week, though, he's been taken out of the equation.

At this point, it certainly seems like Aronofsky would be the best man for the job, though expect Warner Bros. to really think this one through before committing. This is a major superhero franchise -- one that could potentially launch an eventual cross-over to a 'Justice League' movie -- so every little step they take will need to be plotted out extremely carefully.

What do you think about Aronofsky and Portman? Will it work for 'Superman'?
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