The teaser trailer for D.J. Caruso's 'I Am Number Four' has arrived, and while parts of it look like 'Twilight' for boys meets 'Smallville' -- fans of teen alien chase adventures may find some merit here. The CGI heavy flick is based on a book by James Frey and Jobie Hughes (the first of a planned six book young adult series) of the same name and is being produced by none other than Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg. The film marks the first DreamWorks feature to be released by Disney's Touchstone label after the two companies organized a five year, 30 pic deal.

'I Am Number Four' follows a group of aliens who escape to Earth after their home world is annihilated by a rival species. Once here, they disguise themselves as regular high school students and presumably do their best to fit in. Alex Pettyfer stars as Number Four, with Timothy Olyphant acting as his guardian and mentor. 'Glee's' Dianna Agron falls for Number Four's alien charms and Kevin Durand is the Commander hunting the crew down.

With all this big name muscle behind the production, one has to wonder why the trailer seems so been-there-done-that. Check it out below and then sound off with your take in the comments section.

Hit the jump for a look at 'Skyline's' latest trailer.


Last time we heard anything about 'Skyline,' it was because filmmakers Colin and Greg Strause were being sued by 'Battlefield: Los Angeles' studio Sony for corporate espionage. The Strause's FX company was hired to work on Sony's film and then they magically came up with their own alien invasion flick. Sony was none too happy.

Today, though, brings better news for the cool looking extra-terrestrial flick. The brand new trailer for 'Skyline' has been posted over at Apple's website (watch it below) and it looks really good. We'd previously seen the huge alien motherships sucking people into the sky (which is beyond creepy), but the new clip reveals some monstrous alien invaders who look like something straight out of a videogame. Think 'Independence Day' meets 'Cloverfield' and you'll be on the right track.

Apparently, gazing into the strange lights emanating from the giant ships leads to people being sucked into the sky and straight into the alien vessels. But, even those who are lucky enough to avoid staring at the lights are in danger of meeting their demise -- as the new trailer demonstrates repeatedly. Sports cars are crushed, helicopters are ripped out of the sky and mankind mounts a dramatic last stand against the alien invaders. Check out the carnage in the trailer below.

I Am Number Four
PG-13 2011
Based on 30 critics

An alien with extraordinary abilities poses as an ordinary human to evade those sent to kill him. Read More

PG-13 2010
Based on 18 critics

Strange lights descending on Los Angeles herald the arrival of malevolent extraterrestrials. Read More