Chloe Grace Moretz
is only 13 years old but she's already starred in some of this year's biggest movies -- playing some very dark roles.

After getting some attention and worthy praise for playing the controversial mini-assassin Hit-Girl in 'Kick-Ass,' Moretz gets her vampire on in this week's 'Let Me In,' a remake of a Swedish film based on the novel 'Let the Right One In.'

Moretz plays Abby, a 300-year-old vampire in the body of a 12-year-old girl who befriends a young loner boy in snowy New Mexico. Moviefone talked to Moretz about her penchant for dark roles, how 'Let Me In' compares to 'Twilight' and her future project with Martin Scorsese.

'Let Me In' premieres Oct. 1.

Have you seen 'Let the Right One In,' the original Swedish movie 'Let Me In' is based on?

No, I still haven't seen it, for a couple of reasons, but mainly my mom didn't allow me to watch it because it's R-rated. Yeah, but also, my brother, who's my acting coach, Trevor Moretz,, didn't want me to watch it because he wanted "more of a natural and raw kind of feel towards Abby." I didn't just copy a character.

Were you actually walking in snow without shoes on?

Yes! I was. (laughs)

How was that?

That was pretty insane. It got really cold at times, but everyone was looking out for me, so they had things to heat my feet up immediately.
How did you summon the intensity to play Abby, a 300-year-old vampire?

Yeah, it was pretty crazy, because Abby has so many different dimensions to her. I mean, she has the 300-year-old vampire side, but she also has the young little girl side, so you know, it was really kind of a hard role to play. It was definitely something different than what I've ever done before ... and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Do you see any comparisons to 'Twilight,' another vampire film?

It's definitely a lot different from 'Twilight,' I'd say, but they're just different films ... the 'Twilight' series is very good on its own but yeah, it's definitely very different.

You spend most of the movie with Kodi Smit-McPhee, who plays Owen. How did you two get along?

Really well. We're still really, really good friends. He's such a cool guy and I totally love him. He's such an awesome person.

You seem to always take intense, dark roles. What attracts you to those roles?

I basically just look for good roles. I look for roles that are interesting and different than a normal kid, like, "Oh, daddy! Help me with my sweater," you know? I look for roles that are really unique and different from other roles that other kids have played. That's what really makes me gravitate toward these types of characters.

When did you know you wanted to act?

Well, my brother Trevor got accepted into a professional performing arts high school in New York City and so I basically fell in love with it through him. He absolutely loved it and I saw how much he loved it and I was like, "I kind of want to try it." Because I used to run his lines with him and basically I fell in love with it. We moved from Georgia to New York for my brother, and then it just went from there and it got bigger and bigger and just became what it is now.

Is there an older actress whose career you'd like your career to be similar to when you're older?

I already am very happy with my career, you know? I've been doing so much and it's what I love and I've been doing roles that I love. But I totally get what you're saying. The person I look up to definitely would be Natalie Portman. She's the number one person I look up to.

Have you met her?

I haven't, but I saw her movie, 'Black Swan,' get scored, and I met Darren Aronofsky and stuff, but yeah, I would so love to meet her.

You could play sisters!

I totally, totally wish. We actually look kind of alike. We could totally be sisters.

Were there a lot of 'Hit-Girl' costumes at Comic-Con?

There were! There were a lot, but they were like "sexy" Hit-Girls. I was like, 'that's a little wrong.' I was like, "Hit-Girl's not supposed to look like that."

How were the insane 'Kick-Ass' fans?

There are bunches of people that are absolutely insane fans of 'Kick-Ass.' They're not absolutely insanely crazy or anything, but I've had a couple that I've just been like, "Okay, cool. Byeeee. Thank you. Go see my movie on DVD." (laughs)

Have you already started working with director Martin Scorsese on the film 'Hugo Cabret'? Have you seen any of his movies?

I've been shooting a film with him for the last three months. I haven't been allowed to see all of them, but I've seen some and they're absolutely amazing ... I want to see 'Taxi Driver,' but that won't happen any time soon.

Aw, maybe they can show you parts of it?

(laugh) No way. They're really strict.

What advice would you have for a young person who wanted to get into acting?

Keep at it, you know? No matter what people say about you or whatever they say -- good or bad -- keep at it and keep working on your craft and never back down.
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