-- In honor of the news that all six 'Star Wars' films will be re-released in 3D beginning in 2012, we present you with another one of ThinkGeek's geeky fanboy products. This plush replica of Boba Fett's Jetpack is available for $49.99, and it comes with 4 pockets to hold stuff like your laser gun and Han Solo's keys to the Millennium Falcon.

-- Though we still have a couple months before the 2011 Sundance Film Festival announces its slate, Kevin Smith -- who's brought two films ('Clerks', 'Chasing Amy') to Park City, Utah previously -- already seems to have his eye on premiering his latest at the upcoming festival. Tweeting about his dark, tiny indie last night, Smith said, "Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Michael Parks! Thank you, ALL of RED STATE: Today's the best day I've had on a set since 2006. #SundanceBound" Will Smith be able to recapture the fresh, brilliant energy that was born out of the festival back in 1994 when 'Clerks' took home the top prize? January is only a few months away ...

-- 'Star Trek' writer Alex Kurtzman may be landing a pretty decent cast for his directorial debut, 'Welcome to People'. Production Weekly reports that Meryl Streep, Chris Pine and Rachel McAdams have been "mentioned" for the cast of the indie family drama, though that seems a little too vague to get our hopes up just yet.

-- Paul Haggis may take on scripting duties for the big-screen adaptation of 'The Equalizer', which already has Russell Crowe attached to the role originated by Edward Woodward in the late-80s TV series about a secret agent-turned-vigilante hired to solve problems. Haggis has not signed on to direct the film ... yet, though he did just direct Crowe in 'The Next Three Days', so anything is possible.
-- Director Jonathan Levine has signed on to his first film since delivering 'The Wackness' to us slackers longing mid-90s hip-hop nostalgia. He'll be directing an adaptation of 'Little Girl Lost' for Universal, with Michael Bacall ('Scott Pilgrim vs. the World') writing the script. The odd story follows a college dropout who becomes a private investigator and takes on a case that involves the death of a stripper who also used to be his high school sweetheart.

-- What if Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg created his own 'Social Network' film that tells his side of the story? Would it look something like this ...

-- Eduardo Sanchez, co-writer and co-director of 'The Blair Witch Project', has nabbed two leads for his next scary flick, Possession. Johnny Lewis and Alexandra Holden have signed on to the film about a young newlywed couple who fall prey to a demonic spirit. Lewis will play the groom, while Holden will play the bride's sister and maid of honor. No word on release date, though you should expect Posession to pop up in a midnight slate at one of the larger festivals next year.

-- And finally, who doesn't want to see some random dude dressed up as Iron Man getting his break-dancing freak on at the park?

Iron Man Dance from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

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