There's nothing like some ballerina shoes and creepy thrills to reinvigorate your career. Natalie Portman stars in one little drama crafted by filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, a film most of us haven't even seen yet, and now she's one of Hollywood's most in-demand actors. Earlier this month, just one week after the premiere of 'Black Swan' in Venice, Portman's name began circling Alfonso Cuaron's 'Gravity.'

Vying for the role Angelina Jolie refused twice, Portman's name was one of many, a list of possibilities ranging from the very sensible Rachel Weisz to the surprising 'Gossip Girl' Blake Lively, with Sandra Bullock being the latest rumored to be up for the role. But now Portman is in serious talks, so while the agreement is not yet concrete, her involvement is practically a sure thing -- setting the stage for what could be back-to-back Oscar nominations for the actress.
THR's Heat Vision reports that Portman is currently in "active negotiations" for the role, one that will surely keep her in the public eye after the ink is dry.

Written by Alfonso Cuaron and son Jonas Cuaron, 'Gravity' is a science fiction film about a woman who is the sole surviving member of a space mission/space station crash, who is doing everything she can to return home to her daughter. As such, it's a pretty heavy role to take on, one that reminds us of the idea behind Sam Rockwell and 'Moon,' but with a more dangerous and death-defying angle. In essence, Portman will be alone on-screen for much of the movie. If anyone wanted to test whether her star power can stretch beyond the ballerina's stage, this is it -- a sort of do or die role for the talented, if partially plagued, actress. (It's going to be a while before moviegoers wipe away the lingering memories of the 'Star Wars' prequels.)

Robert Downey Jr. also appears in the film, but details on his involvement have been all over the place, from him playing a man circling around the crash area, to one of the victims of the crash. Considering his star power, one would assume he wouldn't sign onto this project early if it was just packing a lunch, heading to set, and immediately getting killed off ... but anything is possible.

Whatever the case, 'Gravity' is moving forward, and it will be great to see what the 'Children of Men' director has whipped up.

*On a side note, this project is also helping to launch Jonas Cuaron's Hollywood career. After penning the film with dad, the same news bite that offers news up Portman's involvement reports that Warner Bros. has grabbed an untitled pitch from the new writer. Nothing like the sci-fi adventure, the film will be a thriller set in Mexico City.
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