After the success of '8 Mile' -- with both Eminem fans and the world at large -- it wouldn't have been a big surprise if Marshall Mathers made a big career change. The film came close to making triple what it cost in the domestic gross alone. Stephanie Zacharek raved about Eminem's complexity; Roger Ebert said he was "convincing without being electric." But that was it for Mr. Mathers. He told the fictionalized version of his story, then bid adieu to the big screen.

But now, eight years later, Eminem is primed to make his return -- a sexy return at that. It's not a highly personal tale, nor an '8 Mile' sequel, but rather Fernando Meirelles' upcoming sex-themed drama, '360,' placing him face to face with some of Hollywood's best talent.
News that he's in talks to star in a saucy drama is a surprise, but it's nothing compared to the other actors involved in this production. Meirelles is the man behind 'City of God,' 'The Constant Gardener' and 'Blindness,' and he's already tapped both Rachel Weisz and Anthony Hopkins for roles. Now, with the latest report from Production Weekly's Twitter feed, we've got Eminem andFrances McDormand circling.

How Mathers name became tossed around with the rest is anyone's guess. The other actors are all Oscar-winning talent, and Weisz's win happens to be for her work in Meirelles' 'Gardener.' As Deadline reported earlier this month, the film was written by Peter Morgan and inspired by Arthur Schnitzler's play, 'Reigen.' While there's no word on how this incarnation will play out, the source material focused on short scenes between couples both before and after sex, each subsequent scene having one of the previous participants until the sex comes full-circle.

While there are still question marks floating around the inclusion of Eminem, this also means -- hopefully -- seeing McDormand in some sexier, more real-life fare. Though she's known for her more visually awkward and homely roles, whether it be 'Miss Pettigrew,' 'Almost Famous' or 'Fargo,' there are some delightfully sexy and pitch-perfect gigs in her past, like record producer Jane in 'Laurel Canyon.'

Now it's time to hear from you. Can Eminem hold his own against the above, Academy-loved talent? Weigh in below.
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