James FrancoIn a world where everything's been done before, and all the great themes have been used up and turned into theme parks, there's a certain electric quality emanating from those who find a way to forge their own path.

James Franco started like anyone else -- partaking in random television and film gigs, which led him to a classic but doomed television series ('Freaks and Geeks'), time as a Hollywood icon in 'James Dean,' and his breakout, star-making work in 'Spider-Man.' But as the movie credits continued to pour in, he's been busy with everything from painting to a one-year stint on the soap opera 'General Hospital.'

And now the actor is looking to direct a new drug drama that he will adapt and possibly headline.
Variety reports that Franco has optioned the rights to Stephen Elliot's memoir, 'The Adderall Diaries: A Memoir of Moods, Maso-chism and Murder.' Published last year, the tome uses the 2007 murder trial of Hans Reiser to dig into Elliot's troubled life -- how his father may have killed someone, being tormented since his youth, and struggling through substance abuse and an addiction to masochistic sex. The book earned a slew of great press calling it "provocative and masterful", and an "influence of genius." (San Francisco Chronicle and Vanity Fair)

Though mainly known for his mainstream roles in films like 'Milk' and the upcoming '127 Hours,' this isn't a new playing field for the actor. Franco kicked off his directorial career back in 2005 with two films -- 'Fool's Gold' and 'The Ape.' Since then, he's whipped up a slew of shorts, 'Good Time Max' and the feature-length SNL documentary, 'Saturday Night.', due out early next year. 'Adderall,' however, might just prove to be the behind-the-camera jump that thrusts his filmmaker status into the mainstream.

For now, Franco will have to get busy writing as he promotes '127 Hours,' which will hit screens on November 5. Do you think Franco is spreading himself too thin, or do you admire actors who involve themselves in everything?
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