Kodi Smit-McPhee may not be very well-known on this side of the Atlantic, but the 14-year-old actor is actually part of an acting family -- his father Andy McPhee and sister Sianoa Smit-McPhee are both recognized as thespians in their native Australia (and here too). One thing's for certain, though: Kodi Smit-McPhee certainly has a knack for picking great films. Critics lauded his performance in last year's 'The Road' (where he starred alongside Viggo Mortensen), and now the kudos are rolling in for his role in the vampire-movie-remake 'Let Me In.'

Moviefone caught up with Smit-McPhee at the Toronto Film Festival, and he filled us in on how his friends plan to get into an R-rated movie, the joys of adolescence and whether he's Team Jacob or Edward.
You won't be able to see the film in theaters because of its rating for violence and gore. When you were reading the script, preparing or shooting, did it ever get under your skin, creep you out?
No. Actors shouldn't be scared. Don't get scared on film. If anything, it's totally the opposite. I was really keen on seeing the effects and bodies and blood and stuff. I actually stayed longer.

I don't really care about getting into the cinemas because I'll see it a million times with premieres and stuff. My friends will find some way to get in.

Do you identify with the character's problematic adolescence?
There are just little things I get confused about, because I'm here in America and I miss my friends back at home. I juggle it and then I'm at home and I miss my friends here. I don't really know where I want to be. I just want to go back home. I'm having fun doing this, but I want to go home and relax and ride my bike and do normal stuff.

You come from a well-known Australian acting family, so it must be a natural career choice for you.
My dad (Andy McPhee) is an actor and he's the one who got me into it. He is so confident; he said when we came to America, "I'm going to get a job in 'Sons of Anarchy.'" He did a million auditions and then he finally got a main part. He got that! My sister (Sianoa Smit-McPhee) is an actor, too; she's on HBO's 'Hung.' She's 18 and still working here. When we're working here we don't go home, we stay here as a family. Then get we get a break.

How did you find this script?
My dad reads the scripts and passes them on to me. This script was pretty amazing but I didn't know it was a remake or a book. We looked it up and found out it was a movie two years ago and were like "Aww, it's a remake!" I don't know, we just went with it and it was awesome. I really liked the character. I really love abstract stuff and how he has a whole world going on in his own mind, and I can go there whenever I want.

What vampire film do you like best?
I like 'Twilight.' I'm Team Edward because he's just so epic and awesome.

'Let Me In' opens in theaters on October 1.
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