It was only a matter of time before George Lucas decided to retool the 'Star Wars' saga with the latest technology, to which many fans are yelling (in their best Darth Vader-meets-his-new-suit cry) "Noooooooo!"

Then again, what 'Stars Wars' fan wouldn't want to see Luke destroy the Death Star in glorious 3D? Or have to duck when Darth Maul wields his two-sided lightsaber, or shift side to side as Han Solo dodges asteroids?

Here's a few scenes we'd be curious to see as eye-popping extras. (Let's be clear: We still want Han to shoot first.)
10. Darth Vader Shouting "Nooooo!"('Revenge of the Sith')
Because Vader's big fist-pumping emo moment just really needs more drama. Although, really, feeling that mask descend on our faces would be kinda cool.

9. Princess Leia Running, Bra-Less('A New Hope')
A jillion fanboys would surely vote for seeing a 3D Leia in all her bra-free '70s glory. As you can see at minute 4:58, the force of gravity is with her as she evades capture on the Death Star. (Oh, and also Obi Wan and Darth Vader's epic battle.)

8. Tusken Raider Attack ('A New Hope')
You remember the scene: Luke is scanning the horizon for Sand People when WHAM! one rears up and attacks him with his scary-looking staff. Prefer the same scene, but in the snow? Imagine that furry Wampa claw comin' at ya, right off the screen in 'The Empire Strikes Back.'

7. The Walls Are Closing In! ('A New Hope')
You'll practically be able to smell the garbage as you're stuck with Luke, Leia, Han and Chewbacca. And wait... did something just move....?

6. Luke Destroys the Death Star ('A New Hope')
Luke navigating that narrow Death Star shaft, dodging blasts from the defense towers and TIE fighters on his tail? WIth Han Solo swooping to the rescue? Yeah, that'll pop in 3D.

4. Darth Maul Fight Scene ('The Phantom Menace')
Let's just focus on the only good sequence in the entire first prequel: Badass Darth Maul taking on both Obi Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn. Epic!

3. Ice Battle on Hoth ('The Empire Strikes Back')
Can't wait to fly right through those AT-AT Imperial Walker's legs, then watch them collapse right into the audience.

2. The Asteroid Field ('The Empire Strikes Back')

Dodging asteroids is surely why some geek invented 3D in the first place, right? We plan to be impressed all over again with Han Solo's manly navigation skills.

1. Luke vs. Darth Vader('The Empire Strikes Back'/'Return of the Jedi')
We're just going to cheat and request both epic father-versus-son Jedi throwdowns: The one where Luke learns the ugly truth (and loses a hand) and the one where Dear Old Dad saves him from the evil Emperor ... crap, crying with 3D glasses on is damned awkward!

Five Things We Never Want to See in 3D:

5. Anakin & Padme Love Scenes
Because they were bad enough the first time around in 2D. Unless adding another dimension will improve the dialogue.
4. Jabba the Hutt
Specifically, Leia choking the life out of the crime lord in 'Return of the Jedi.' Look out for that tongue!
3. The Insides of a Tauntaun
Let that poor tauntaun rest in peace: No need to render his Luke-saving intestines in 3D.
2. Darth Sidious
That guy is just not attractive.
1. Jar-Jar Binks
The only thing worse than 3D Jar-Jar? Jar-Jar stepping in 3D doo doo. (We've done the dirty work for you: The reviled moment happens at 4:51 of the clip below.)
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