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Jonathan rode his bike to the church that held his dead father's body. He walked in and waltzed straight up to his father's coffin, knocked on the new cedar twice and waited. "Nope, still dead." Was all he said before he turned around and strolled out.

This was only the first part of the movie that changed my life. 'On The Edge,' directed by John Carney, and written by both John Carney and Daniel James, is the most heart-warming and life-changing movie that I have ever seen.

Jonathan Breech is a young man who loses his father to alcohol and suffers from severe depression. Even before his father passed, he had never been truly happy with his life.

Growing up in Dublin with his father and older brother, Mikey, was a tough time for Jonathan, with all the drinking that his father did and his brother isolating him from a healthy sibling relationship. After the death of his father, Jonathan gets high off coke, steals a car and his fathers ashes. He then proceeds to drive the car, with him and his fathers ashes, off a cliff, only to survive with nothing more than a broken pinky. I guess u can look at it as a bit of a second chance.
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Jonathan gets the choice between some years in prison for the stolen car or three months in a psychiatric hospital where he will get therapy from Dr. Figure for his suicidal tendencies. Not wanting to go to jail, he chooses the easy way out and goes to the hospital, or, at least he thought it would be easy. There, he befriends a troubled Rachel Row, who's mother committed suicide while walking with her on the cliffs one day, and Toby, who accidentally killed his brother in a car accident. Being there for those few months, Jonathan falls in love with Rachel but his best friend, Toby, commits suicide by driving a car off a cliff on new years eve. Through the friends he made and the ones he lost, Jonathan learns the importance of friends and the gift that life really is.

This movie changed my life because I grew up in a similar situation to Jonathan. My Mother and Father divorced and my Father became an alcoholic, but he is still alive, unlike Jonathan's father. I didn't get along with my sister when we were kids and the relationship is not much better today. My Grandma died from cancer, and I very much considered her a Mother to me.

So, I experienced having an alcoholic Father, an unhealthy relationship with my sibling, and a parent dying in a gruesome way. For a while, I felt just like Jonathan did -- totally lost and even thought about suicide. But with the love of my family and help from my friends, I learned the importance of life, and I love living it today.

Submitted by: Jackson Fariss

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Stars: Cillian Murphy
Directed by: John Carney
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On the Edge
In Theaters on August 10th, 2001

A teenager is sent to a psychiatric ward after he deliberately drives a stolen car over a cliff. Read More

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