The Cullens are no longer the only vegetarian vampire clan on the block, bringing down mountain lions with the greatest of ease. As Bill Condon's 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' steps ever closer to shooting, Summit has cast the Denali clan, the nearby veg vamps of Alaska. It all started the other day with Maggie Grace grabbing the role of troublesome Irina -- the catalyst for the big danger in Stephenie Meyer's final, sparklicious tome, a woman mourning the loss of Laurent to the wolves, creating a rift between the covens.

But now we've got the rest of the Denali Clan -- Tanya, Kate, Carmen, and Eleazar -- who must deal with the aftermath of Irina's drastic decisions, and the group is led by 'The Descent' actress MyAnna Buring.
The Hollywood Reporter posts that Buring will play Tanya in the final installment, while Casey LaBow (who appears in 'Skateland' with Cullen member Ashley Greene) plays Kate, Mia Maestro ('Alias') plays Carmen, and Christian Camargo ('The Hurt Locker,' 'Dexter') plays her partner, Eleazar. The post claims Camargo is the patriarch of the family, but that's most likely a flub, unless producer Meyer let Summit get crafty with the story.

The Denali coven originally comprised of the three "sisters" -- Tanya, Kate, and Irina -- plus their "mother" Sasha. Their happy family was torn apart during the plague of the immortal children, leaving the sisters with a healthy respect for Volturi law. (Namely, don't make child vampires.) Later, they were joined Carmen and Eleazar, who were eager to partake in the vegetarian lifestyle, and the group became the closest friends and allies of the Cullen family.

Tanya will be giving Bella some jealous angst as the vampire still hot for Edward, though he's never given her the time of day, while Kate is a tough cookie with electric skin and the ability to shock people at whim. She also hits it off with the revolutionary vamp Garrett, which the rumor mill had Lee Pace circling back in July. Finally, Eleazar adds some intrigue as a former member of the Volturi guard, who offers some valuable information as the final fight gears up.

Stay tuned for more as the rest of the 'Breaking Dawn' cast comes together shortly. The production is slated to start shooting this November.