No longer just on the verge, actress Emma Stone is quite a big deal now that she is going to be offered the role of Mary Jane Watson in the new 'Spider Man' movie. Two weeks ago we heard that the 'Easy A' star was circling a role in the comic book adaptation, but it wasn't then known which character she was up for. We thought maybe Betty Brant. Yet Deadline reports it is indeed the part of "MJ," previously played by Kirsten Dunst in Sam Raimi's 'Spider-Man' trilogy, that will Sony will soon cast her as.

The character might not be as prominent in the first part of the reboot series, though. Directed by Marc Webb, it's likely to be more faithful to Spidey's comic origins, which have the web-slinging hero (Andrew Garfield) first dating Gwen Stacy (still not yet officially cast) and later hooking up with the redhead. It's possible that Stone would only make a minor appearance in this next film, then, only to set up the rest of the franchise.
What's interesting about Stone being cast as a love interest for Garfield is that she's also played the object of affection for another 'Social Network' star, Jesse Eisenberg, in 'Zombieland.' Now she just needs a gig opposite Justin Timberlake. But the part perfectly suits her, for she's quickly become the poster girl for geek affection. She's the super hot girl who is nice to or even will date the dorks (see pretty much any of her movies), which is appropriate for her need to attract both an on-screen geek -- Spidey alter-ego Peter Parker -- and, off-screen, theaters full of comic book and movie nerds.
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