One means to make murder funny, while the other isn't supposed to be, but might just fill you with cheesy movie glee.

First up, we've got a trailer for John Landis' first feature film (besides a Don Rickles documentary) in over ten years -- 'Burke and Hare.' It's not exactly a return to horror form as we once expected, being a comedy and all, but there are some reasons to tune in. Simon Pegg plays Burke while Andy Serkis, of 'LotR' Gollum fame, gets to enjoy playing a human as Hare. Their joined by a cast that features a lot of other great actors to look out for -- Tim Curry, Christopher Lee, Tom Wilkinson and Isla Fisher as Burke's belle.

While it looks silly to the supreme, and seems rather unbelievable, the horror comedy follows the true story of ne'er-do-wells who find monetary success supplying dead bodies to a doctor (Wilkinson). But when they want more money and have no more naturally dead people to sell, they begin to kill people for the cash. The charm will definitely rest with the chemistry between Pegg and Serkis, and let's hope this doesn't turn out like Landis last buddy film, 1998's 'Blues Brothers 2000.'

Hit the jump for the trailer and some 'Death Race 2' action.

Meanwhile, we're getting more 'Death Race.' No, you haven't been out of the loop; this prequel isn't hitting screens. 'Death Race 2' is a direct-to-disc offering to explain just how the U.S. became a place of private prisons and death races, allowing for the creation of iconic racer Frankenstein. This flick might have all the markings of a bad movie, especially once you see the trailer, but names like Danny Trejo, Sean Bean, Ving Rhames and Luke Goss might pique your interest.

The trailer is what you'd expect -- over-done voiceover pumping up a healthy dose of B-movie cheese. The funny thing is, as they talk about "harnessing the hatred" of these convicts, they might just have harnessed the redeveloped franchise into a goofy but entertaining action mess. ...or maybe not, but at least we still have 'Death Race 2000' for the right killer fun.