It was an easy mistake, yesterday's report that Emma Stone was being offered the part of Mary Jane Watson in the 'Spider-Man' reboot. The actress is a (dyed) redhead, "MJ" is a redhead. We can't fault anyone, let alone Deadline for getting it wrong. But now the truth is out, by way of Sony themselves, and while Stone is indeed going to be in the superhero movie, she'll be playing the part of another Peter Parker/Spider-Man girlfriend, Gwen Stacy.

Yes, the blond one. But it all makes perfect sense. In 'Spider-Man 3,' Stacy was portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard, a natural redhead. And in the same franchise Kirsten Dunst, normally a blond, filled the role of Watson. So don't be surprised if a typically blond actress -- perhaps Mia Wasikowski -- is soon cast as that later love interest (assuming the rebooted series is, as rumored, going with a faithful Spidey chronology). Wait, though, does this mean she's going to be killed off in the next installment and not stay the course of the reworked series as we happily thought?
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