Thailand will prove it can kick a little superhero ass too when it debuts 'Red Eagle', the latest (and potentially) final film by Wisit Sasanatieng, director of the eye-popping "Pad Thai western" 'Tears of the Black Tiger.' Sasantieng. An immensely talented pop artist whose visual styles have lent themselves to several visually playful TV commercials and a handful of equally wonderful feature films, he's announced that he'll likely retire after directing the superhero flick.' 'Red Eagle' is a re-invention of the titular Thai superhero, whose franchise was most popular in the 1950s-1970s. The feature then is in the vein of Christopher Nolan's Bat-movies in that it re-invents the character for a new audience.

The trailer for 'Red Eagle' is a blast, full of the kind of visual flair that reminds us that comic book characters are flamboyant and serious. The violence looks about as over the top as other recent Thai actioners, but the fact that there's some hints of comic book surrealism in the trailer (can you say laser eyebeams?) make that typical severity go down nice and easy. Check out the plot synopsis and trailer for 'Red Eagle' after the break.

The official plot synopsis:
A nuclear power plant is about to be commissioned upon the signing of corrupt and power hungry politicians. The citizens are in frenzy, as they oppose this plan but they cannot do a thing about it. And so, a hero was born, chasing down the criminals and the corrupt, killing of whatever threatens the city's well being. He leaves a card with his name simply as "THE RED EAGLE". However, the hero becomes the hunted, when the politicians send out their best defense, known as "THE BLACK DEMON".

[via io9]
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