With the net now abuzz with talk about 'Dawn of the Dead' director Zack Snyder having been tapped to direct'Superman: Man of Steel', the upcoming 'Superman' reboot, news is hitting fast about which director Warner Bros. really wanted before they eventually settled on Snyder.

New York Mag's Vulture blog reports that 'The Fountain' director Darren Aronofsky was nearly handed the job until he learned that the studio opted to go with Snyder. Aronofsky was reportedly very interested in the original idea for the project (the one we assume was pitched by Christopher Nolan and David Goyer) -- where Clark Kent has to decide whether or not he wants to be Superman while traveling the world as a journalist.

We're not sure how close that storyline is to what's currently on the page, or what will eventually hit screens, but it definitely sounds like a more modern take on the iconic superhero -- one that would allow room for current political events and an indecisive Superman who's desparately trying to contemplate whether he should step in or stay away and let people deal with their own problems.

Upon learning he wasn't going to land the gig, Aronofsky -- who, on paper, seems like a much better fit for this sort of material -- started eyeing other new projects, which apparently includes Marvel Studios' 'Wolverine 2'and the WB property 'Tales from the Gangster Squad', which Ben Affleck just recently turned down (he also turned down 'Superman' too).
What's interesting to note, however, is that according to Vulture's sources, part of the reason why Snyder was chosen was because Goyer's submitted script was "rushed" and more than a little sloppy, but delivered on time:

"We're told by knowledgeable insiders the reason Warner Bros. picked Snyder for Man of Steel is that the script by David Goyer was rushed, is still a bit of a mess, and that Warner Bros. needs someone who won't spend months or even years trying to get it just right (i.e., Aronofsky), because time is the one thing they don't have: The studio must have a new Superman movie in production by 2011 or they'll be subject to potential lawsuits by the heirs of the superhero's creators."

Unfortunately, that sounds like the studio said no to Aronofsky because he's a guy who likes to take his time on things in order to get it right. Warner Bros. seems like they want to get it right, though they're more concerned with getting it done ... on time, and perhaps all those delays and problems Aronofsky had on the big-budgeted 'Fountain' are still coming back to haunt him. Vulture goes on to say that Snyder was effectively the studio's shotgun choice, a high-profile guy they had to tap now simply because they wanted to get the ball rolling.

What say you, fine folks: Would Aronofsky have been a better choice?
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