Could you handle a reunion between Tom Cruiseand Jack Nicholson on the big screen? Okay, now that the obligatory reference to the iconic line from 'A Few Good Men' is over with, here's the truth: the two actors will potentially co-star in Warner Bros.'s action comedy 'El Presidente,' about a former commander-in-chief and his Secret Service agent on the run from some sort of threat. Nicholson has so far been offered the role of the "bumbling and degenerate" ex-president, while Cruise is attached to the part of his idealistic protector, according to 24 Frames.

Nothing else is revealed about the film (why the Spanish title?) except that it was written by TV scribe Dan Goor, who has worked for Conan O'Brien, Carson Daly, 'The Daily Show' and currently 'Parks and Recreation.' But it does evoke a lot of memories of other films, not just the one featuring Cruise and Nicholson and a military court-martial case. For one, there's 'Mars Attacks,' in which Nicholson played the president. And then there are the other comedies involving the Secret Service, like 'Guarding Tess' and 'First Kid.'
The main concern here could be that even an IMAX screen is too small to contain such huge personalities together for what's likely the majority of the film's running time. Also, will audiences want to see Cruise as yet another government agent, here again in an action comedy, which didn't suit him so well this past summer with 'Knight and Day.' It's presumed this project would come somewhat soon after the next 'Mission: Impossible' movie. Maybe if he employs prosthetics for his character, a la Len Grossman, it'll be funny?
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