- He's been talking about filming it for years, but now Kevin Smith is finally able to reveal the first image from his new film, 'Red State.' You can't tell from the picture, but that is the back of Michael Parks, a Fred Phelps-type, preaching to his congregation.

- If Amazon.com's recent listing of three new books is any indicator (and it likely is given Harper Collins' previous publications for the series), the full title of 'Transformers 3' will be 'Transformers: The Dark of the Moon.' [Via ToplessRobot and Collider, who have since confirmed the title via sources]

- Tomas Alfredson, of 'Let The Right One In' fame, will direct an adaptation of Philip Reeve's young-adult fantasy novel 'Larklight.' Steve Knight ('Eastern Promises') will be writing the screenplay about an alt-history wherein man reached the stars during the Victoria-era. If that's not smile-inducing enough, Heat Vision's more detailed plot synopsis includes the glorious words "renegade space pirates."

- Those looking for every little detail about George Miller's hotly anticipated 'Mad Max: Fury Road' will be pleased to learn an interesting detail about Charlize Theron's character: she'll be missing half an arm. [via ComingSoon]

- Bruce Willis back tracks on his "'Die Hard 5' is imminent" talk at Comic-Con by saying "It's probably going to happen in 2011." No plot details are spilled, but Willis does mention they have a script that is currently being reworked.

- If you're a shooting date and location junkie, Superhero Hype has info on 'Batman 3' (which will be heading to New Orleans in April), 'MIB3,' 'Ghost Rider: Spider of Vengeance,' 'Spider-Man,' 'The Avengers' and more.

- io9 has a very illuminating piece on why 'The Thing'prequel may be far better than anyone expects, and they've got photo evidence to back up their case:

- Finally, check out the trailer for the new 'Avatar' Special Edition DVD/Blu-ray, featuring footage from the alternate Earth-set opening teased in the special features details revealed earlier in the week.
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