Emily Blunt and Rachel Weisz have both made great gains in having versatile acting careers filled with varied characters. And for their next project, the British-born actresses are teaming up to take on a new challenge: improvising.

Deadline reports that Blunt and Weisz have signed on for Lynn Shelton's next project, a still-untitled film that will be semi-improvised. Shelton became a break-through talent with 2009's 'Humpday,' a Sundance comedy about two old friends who decide to make an amateur gay porn together on a dare. That film was shot in a two-week span and featured entirely improvised dialogue.

No details have been revealed about this upcoming film's story or the leading ladies' characters, but this is the biggest casting deal in Shelton's career, so far.
The production starts later this month in Seattle, and the shoot is anticipated to only take "a couple of weeks." It will be a busy few months for Weisz, who will bounce from a Terrence Malick production right into the Shelton film, and then immediately onto a Terence Davies project. Check out the trailer for 'Humpday' below ...

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